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2017 may be the year of the lion, and no that isn’t a Chinese year.

The Wisdom of Age 2016 ended as a lion for me and it came in as a lamb. Now, I realize we use to say this about March, but I think it is more appropriate to share this about the year 2016. For me 2017 is roaring in as a lion!  My world is not the same as it was the beginning of last year. My choices are more clear to me and what I am choosing is also more clear. I understand your life can change quickly. I have been here before too many times to ignore the signs. Perhaps that is the ... Continue reading »

Cultivating Joy Videos

It's time to get real! I don’t know about you but I’ve held some of my deepest and most intimate conversations sitting around my kitchen table with my girlfriends with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine in hand. Real, Raw and Vulnerable You know those moments that you allow yourself to remove your masks, and share from a place that is real, raw and vulnerable. Those are the soul conversations that inspire and empower us on our journey! When we, as women, share from that sacred place of ... Continue reading »

Yay for another year on Earth!

Well, it is that time of year again, another year to add to my years on Earth. It took awhile, but I have learned to really enjoy this process. I love being alive on this incredible, abundant planet. I am excited to see what each year brings into my experience. This year I am blessed to see the many years of hard work to reconnect to my Soul wisdom has born a new beginning. I am now a published author! Yes, after a long, hard struggle with my personal issues of being in the spotlight, I ... Continue reading »

The Renaissance Festival 2014

This past weekend I attended the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with my daughter and two sisters. We have been attending for many decades and love the spirit of the event. Many people dress within the time period and at times I have done that too. But this year was more low key. We wanted to experience the event and the interaction to the past, eat some of the amazing food and shop. Shopping is fun there. They have lots of sparkly magic around the grounds. They also have crystals, wands, fine ... Continue reading »

The Energy of Change and Transformation

Wow! Do you feel the energy of change and transformation within your life? Are you feeling overwhelmed and cut off from anything that keeps you grounded and centered? So many of us are experiencing upheavals in our lives it can be disorienting to find any sense of normalcy right now. These massive upheavals might have been started by us, or maybe they have been forced on us through our association with where we live, who we love or who we live with. The answer to how this all started or how this ... Continue reading »