The Earth is ascending and so is Humanity


We live in a time of big transformations on Earth and within our human psyche. We have been feeling this shift for many decades and with each new decade these changes appear to speed up. 

We have been experiencing major alignments of powerful planets taking place that has not been seen in several thousand years. Their vibrational alignment is accentuating our inner growth towards a spiritual awakening. An awakening of our conscious understanding for the higher vibrations that exist. 

Add to this the scientific knowledge the gravitational poles are shifting, the earth’s ice is melting allowing the waters to rise and causing land mass to disappear into the oceans, fires are breaking out all over the world. These facts of huge transformation need to be addressed now.

What is happening isn’t completely known nor can it be known. This is an event that impacts the universe since we are all part of the oneness of Source, one with the source vibration of the universe.



Humanity is evolving 


The human species is evolving and our minds are opening up to connect to our Spirit and access our sacred Soul wisdom. We are receiving many answers to our prayers on how to use our light skills to help mankind evolve. 

So in 1999 I asked Source for a prayer to use to help me align with the Universal Source Vibration. A prayer that would allow me to receive the ability to be open and receptive to whatever tasks Source or my Soul had for me to help support my Soul’s ascension as well as the ascension of my species and beloved planet Earth.

This prayer I offer to you now. I have used this prayer for two decades. It has been modified to use the word Source instead of Universal Source Energy which feels more natural for me now. 

I hope you use it to help you feel connected to Source and your own sacred Soul wisdom so you may grow and expand your connection to Source and your Soul in a manner that is aligned with your highest good. 





This podcast discussed using  the Ascension Prayer to help you invite Source to be an active partner in your transformation into a more consciously aware being of light.  

The Ascension Prayer for Transformation


I ask Source to be with me now and help me as I work through my quest for movement within my life. I have been stuck in a time of transition and I am ready to open to the universe and share more of my talents and abilities.

I ask Source to be with me now as I move through the transition and into the light of clarity and refinement. I am a student always with the universe and the lessons it has to share. I am ready to open to the universe and expand my mind and intellect as I take in more of the wonders of how the energies of the universe interact with the energies of the Earth.

I ask Source to be with me now and help me stay on my path of transition and transformation as I step out of this level of existence and knowledge and step into the next level of understanding. I am accepting of the responsibilities this expanded knowledge and clarity bring and I am expectant in the conclusion of this final step into a new level of understanding.

I ask Source to be with me now and guide and transform me so I may always be an instrument of change and transition for everyone I meet and have a chance to share this wisdom.

I ask Source to be with me as I also continue to share and be transformed by the people who are brought into my life who share their wisdom and knowledge with me.

By everything I am, I choose to be an instrument of light and love within this plane of existence. Help me to remember who I am and to live my life in a conscious and moral way.

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