What meaning does the Coronavirus have in your life? 

What unprecedented times we live in. The coronavirus and the isolation of the pandemic help us make quantum leaps in understanding who we are, and who we chose to become
During this transformational time, are you ready to make bold changes and create healing in partnership with Source?  The coronavirus pandemic can become a healing time in your life. A way to ignite your spirit and engage your emotions.
I reviewed my journey of searching for ways to heal my body of the chronic conditions I have experienced since I was very young. Through my process of healing I developed a deep connection to Source, and evolved as a teacher and channel for deep spiritual healing. 
I share many of these lessons for free. One of my favorites is from Archangel Michael.  I called it Cut the Cords of Fear because it will help you feel safe, protected, and guided by his light. 
I also offer a guided meditation where you be taken to the akashic vibration of source and from there, surrounded by protective guides and masters, you will be lead to welcome the coronavirus into your vibration and ask it to share a message with you. 
As a medical intuitive and a person who has lived with a chronic disease for decades, I have learned how to talk with different layers of intelligence. Each virus has it’s own intelligence, so does cancer, anger, anxiety and other aspects of disease. This virus offers a message to each of us from our soul’s perspective.
I invite you to listen and expand your conscious understanding of what the coronavirus is here to share with you. 
Blessings of light and love, 

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