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Welcome 2018!

It's time for a change!  Each year brings new possibilities into our lives. We feel as if we are new and fresh, as ready to be reborn as our calendar. To honor my own desire to welcome in this fresh new vibration, I am once again offering my weekly radio podcast, Maggie's Spiritual Connections.  This is the third incarnation, and it is my intent to focus on welcoming in a new year of possibilities. The Master Teachers  and I are ready to embrace 2018 as a year for honoring our spiritual ... Continue reading »

Archangel Ariel – Bring Balance to Life

How do you bring balance into your life? The topic for this month on Angel Talk Tuesday is Family. Angel Talk Tuesday is the radio show I co host live every Tuesday morning at 10:00 Eastern. It airs on OmTimes Radio. Julie Geigle and Katherine Glass join me as we each channel a message on one topic. Julie brings in the wisdom of Metatron, Katherine brings in the Galactic Federation of Light and I channel the Akashic Master Teachers. Last Tuesday we channeled on the topic “Finding Balance”. ... Continue reading »

Apollo and the celebration of Light

Are you ready to let your sadness and sorrow go? Do you know about the party that is taking place within the Akashic Vibration? A party to celebrate the new conscious understanding Mother Earth, Gaia has been able to attain and sustain?  Do you need a vibrational healing to help you get into the party mode? Mother Earth is ready to shake off her doubts about her new role within the Universal expansion and take her place within the Universe in a new and expanded way. Her ascension into this ... Continue reading »

Gaia shares her joy for life!

I am excited and amazed to have Gaia - Mother Earth - share her wisdom and vibration through me. For many years now, I have allowed myself to be a trance channel.  I have channeled messages from a group of beings that call themselves the Master Teachers of the Akasha. It was my heartfelt desire to bring a message of hope and inspiration; to help us embrace our inner wisdom to help me heal my wounds from the past to help shift mankind into the new vibrational energy of Earth ... Continue reading »

Mother Mary speaks about a Mother’s Love

Love from a Mother's perspective Are you a mother? Do you have a mother? Have you ever noticed the love of a mother is one of the most important aspects for creating a healthy, well balanced life?  I have noticed the love of a mother is very important. And I have keenly felt the absence of that love since my own mother died when I was 9 years old. I remember during the first Mother's Day church service I attended after her death, I was given a red rose. Red to signify my mother was no longer ... Continue reading »

Surrender to the Light

On February 24th for our radio show Angel Talk Tuesday, our question to the angels was how can we surrender to the light of the Universe and allow the flow of wellbeing to be activated within our life? When I opened up to channel, Mother Mary came through and channeled a meditation to help you feel your connection to the Light of your Source and sense your Council of Light surrounding you in a vibration of wellbeing. As I listened to our show, I was reminded of a trip Gary and I took to ... Continue reading »

Channeling the Master Teachers of the Akasha

My ability to work with and channel the Master Teachers of the Akasha has been growing and expanding. This sacred connection is very important to me and I am honored my ability to connect to and channel the voices of the Master Teachers has been improving. By improving I mean, I am more comfortable in the role of Channel and Voice for their wisdom and energetic vibration. My work with Vibrational Healing is growing too. This can be very important information for you if you are like me and you ... Continue reading »

The Energy of Change and Transformation

Wow! Do you feel the energy of change and transformation within your life? Are you feeling overwhelmed and cut off from anything that keeps you grounded and centered? So many of us are experiencing upheavals in our lives it can be disorienting to find any sense of normalcy right now. These massive upheavals might have been started by us, or maybe they have been forced on us through our association with where we live, who we love or who we live with. The answer to how this all started or how this ... Continue reading »

Goddess Isis 07.19.14

I love channeling the Goddess Isis energy and will be making weekly offerings on at 9:00 am cst so you can listen to her too.  These messages are offered with love and gratitude for all that her guidance and wisdom have been able to help me achieve. The Goddess energy of Isis is a part of my Soul group. In these podcasts Isis will continue to share her wisdom and knowledge. She will also share her energy by offering a guided visualization designed to ... Continue reading »