My name is Maggie Chula.  I work with people awakening to the Spiritual aspects of life.  You want support and guidance as you embrace a conscious connection to the Source of your Soul Wisdom.

You know you are on the frontline of a global resurgence and return to consciously working with the Sacred Wisdom of the Akasha, the wisdom of your Soul.  You are a natural leader and you want to help in the activation of sacred healing wisdom being a natural part of the human experience. You have a vision of the world and it’s potential that is NOT being represented by the world you are living in right now. I am here to share my Spiritual Healing, Mystical knowledge and Leadership skills which will guide you to manifest your soul’s vision for your world now.

During this pivotal time you may be struggling with:

  • Investing your time, talent and energy learning many forms of healing modalities but you still do not feel confident you have the right set of tools to help with the changing issues your clients are addressing.
  • You know you are here to help people heal and move forward in their lives but you can not figure out how to manifest your own divinely guided vision for your life.
  • Staying motivated to work and create an atmosphere of hope and possibilities for you and the people who depend on you.
  • Numerous health issues that keep you from doing your life’s work.
  • Obstacles that seem overwhelming. As you struggle to navigate through them you start to feel hopeless and may even have had thoughts of giving up altogether
  • While you have been successfully sharing your healing gifts with the world you suffer from anxiety, fear your life is just an illusion and it can all be taken away from you at anytime.
  • You understand human beings are changing on many levels. You feel yourself changing so quickly you feel ungrounded, lost and confused by what’s taking place within your world.
  • You are excited to be called into action to help bring about the changes you see within your mind’s eye but you need support to create your visions and manifest them now.
  • You are searching for the right tools to help you continue to expand your knowledge about the changes that are taking place within the human experience so you can help the people who count on you for guidance and leadership.

If any of this describes you, I know I can help. I am a Mystic, Healer and Teacher of Sacred Healing Wisdom. I am also a Channel of Light and Love for the Master Teachers of the Akasha.

I have been consciously aware I was in Earth School since I was very young. My development as a Mystic and Healer was cultivated through my own profound life experiences and studies on:

  • Mysticism
  • Spirituality
  • Alternative Healing
  • Business Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Quantum Physics
  • Subtle Energy Physics

I was in the Corporate world for 24 years.  A Project Leader for very high level, complex projects. I didn’t realize it at the time but these very same skills of being able to take complex business issues and translate them into clear and concise business solutions have helped me to translate complex spiritual knowledge and develop profound tools and processes that you as a spiritual visionary need at this pivotal time.

In addition I have a natural ability to dialogue and channel information from the Master Teachers of the Akasha and your Council of Light. The Akasha is where your Soul resides. It is through this connection that I have created the courses that are the main body of my work to support and guide you as you manifest your big vision for your life’s work.

The wisdom that has been shared with me has helped me to

Personally :

  • Create healing within my body of numerous illnesses both physical and mental including but not limited to: Intestinal disorders like Crohn’s Disease, Allergies, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Osteoarthritis.
  • Maintain balance within my emotions when my life shattered around me.
  • Accept and understand what occurs when our bodies die and we pass into Spirit. This was especially beneficial when I was 9 and my mother was brutally murdered.
  • Understand the Spiritual Realm – our life between lives.

Professionally :

  • Help my clients experience the same level of healing and understanding of the spiritual realm I have experienced.
  • Dialogue with my clients Council of Light so I can give them vital information that they are needing at this time.
  • Teach my clients how to ask for, receive and interpret their own messages from their Divine Council.

The clients and students I have worked with over the past decade have also had amazing and even miraculous results.

Spiritual Healing and Counseling

Maggie Chula is an exceptional intuitive counselor. Her ability to “get” my energy and guide me is amazing. I always feel more supported, understood and clear after connecting with her. She truly is a blessing in my life. – Maureen D. Healy, author of Growing Happy Kids www.GrowingHappyKids.com


I LOVE sessions with Maggie Chula!  Had one last week and it totally shifted my energy and helped me see a situation more clearly. I also felt affirmed in my life. Thank you, Maggie!! 

Dawn Morningstar!   Founder of   www.VenerableWomen.com


Life-Changing Results

Your Akashic Healing class was life changing for me. Thank you for sharing this. I can’t tell you how amazing my new life is. I feel different about everything, I have energy, I have focus, I feel balanced, well, I just can’t tell you enough how wonderful life is. And meditation is so easy now!

Thank you! This changed my life. My new contract is so different and amazing. I am a new person.


Spiritual Healing and the ripple effect

I wanted to share with you another experience that has touched my life since our session. I see it now like tossing a stone into a pond, the ripples spreading out, sending oxygen through out the water. My Grandmother is opening up and facing her life. She is sharing with her children. People that have carried toxins in their hearts are releasing them and replenishing with empathy and hope.

A healing took place, not only in one life, but anyone who was connected with that energy source. When you understand that it is so elementary. Have a beautiful day!  Namaste


Healing for Healers

Love you!!! Thank you for seeing me last night – I now feel hope and a renewed sense of purpose. I was rather tired and bored before! You are an angel sent here to help those of us who work with the general population – you are here to ‘heal the broken angel’! Love you!


If you are interested in learning more about me and my tools and techniques for manifesting your life in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose and Wisdom, a good place to start is to sign up for my free workbook Connecting to the Light of  Your Soul: A Five Step Process!  The accompanying audio Connecting to Your Soul’s Light is step 3.   

I look forward to sharing this Sacred Healing Wisdom with you.