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rsz_maggie102915_croppedWelcome! So glad you’re here! 

Do you need help understanding the messages your Soul and higher wisdom are sharing with you? Do you have visions or dreams you cannot explain but you know are important?

Have you lost someone lately and need help processing your grief? Would you like to talk with them? Do you want to understand how you are still connected?

Do you need help moving on and healing the past? Do you have unresolved issues that need closure?

Are you searching for support and guidance as you embrace a conscious connection to the Source of your Soul Wisdom? Are you looking for someone to help mentor you in your journey of self discovery as you learn the language of your Soul?

Would you like to learn how to consciously work in partnership with your Soul and the divine beings that make up your Council of Light? Would you like to know more about your Council of Light? Do you want to know who they are? How they can support you? Would you like to ask questions of them and become a channel of light for others?

If you said yes to any of these questions, I am here to share my ability to connect to the light of your Soul and hear the messages your Council of Light shares with you. I will help you interpret these messages so you can understand the wisdom of your Soul and learn to speak the same language, the unique code and language of your Source;  your Soul.

I will use my knowledge of spiritual & energy healing, along with my  spiritual counseling skills to guide you to a deeper level of healing, compassion and acceptance for you and your spiritual journey in this life.

The wisdom that has been shared with me has helped me to

Personally :

  • Create healing within my body of numerous illnesses both physical and mental including but not limited to: Intestinal disorders like Crohn’s Disease, Allergies, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Osteoarthritis.
  • Maintain balance within my emotions when my life shattered around me.
  • Accept and understand what occurs when our bodies die and we pass into Spirit. This was especially beneficial when I was 9 and my mother was brutally murdered.
  • Understand the Spiritual Realm – our life between lives.

Professionally :

  • Help my clients experience the same level of healing and understanding of the spiritual realm I have experienced.
  • Dialogue with my clients Council of Light so I can give them vital information that they are needing at this time.
  • Teach my clients how to ask for, receive and interpret their own messages from their Divine Council.

The clients and students I have worked with over the past decade have also had amazing and even miraculous results.

Spiritual Healing and Counseling

Maggie Chula is an exceptional intuitive counselor. Her ability to “get” my energy and guide me is amazing. I always feel more supported, understood and clear after connecting with her. She truly is a blessing in my life. – Maureen D. Healy, author of Growing Happy Kids


I LOVE sessions with Maggie Chula!  Had one last week and it totally shifted my energy and helped me see a situation more clearly. I also felt affirmed in my life. Thank you, Maggie!! 

Dawn Morningstar!   Founder of


Life-Changing Results

Your Akashic Healing class was life changing for me. Thank you for sharing this. I can’t tell you how amazing my new life is. I feel different about everything, I have energy, I have focus, I feel balanced, well, I just can’t tell you enough how wonderful life is. And meditation is so easy now!

Thank you! This changed my life. My new contract is so different and amazing. I am a new person.


Spiritual Healing and the ripple effect

I wanted to share with you another experience that has touched my life since our session. I see it now like tossing a stone into a pond, the ripples spreading out, sending oxygen through out the water. My Grandmother is opening up and facing her life. She is sharing with her children. People that have carried toxins in their hearts are releasing them and replenishing with empathy and hope.

A healing took place, not only in one life, but anyone who was connected with that energy source. When you understand that it is so elementary. Have a beautiful day!  Namaste


Healing for Healers

Love you!!! Thank you for seeing me last night – I now feel hope and a renewed sense of purpose. I was rather tired and bored before! You are an angel sent here to help those of us who work with the general population – you are here to ‘heal the broken angel’! Love you!


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Stepping in the new Light of the World shares with you my story of who I am. You can read that here.

I look forward to helping you grow as a channel of light and love.

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