A crazy question for a challenging time. 

I asked myself this question when I was experiencing some hard to diagnose yet real pain within my entire body. I honestly questioned,

“Is my inner infant throwing a fit until she gets some attention?” 

This came during a moment of true disorientation. I knew I had done extensive healing work on my inner child, but my inner infant? That’s something I never considered. Until I had nowhere else to look.

Is my inner infant broken? The answer I heard clearly in my head was yes! Yes, she is.


Background for question

I was born with clubfeet but I had been successfully brainwashed by my grandmother to believe I had just had a mild case of toes touching at birth. Hum? 

I was 10 when she reminded me I was born crippled. My thought was I didn’t really understand her statement. She proudly told me not to worry because she had cut up all pictures that showed my crippled legs. 

I never thought too much about it until recently when I have been having pain issues within my nervous system. I discovered, when you are born broken, your inner infant is in distress immediately and your nervous system is already on overload.

This wisdom was brought to my attention through my knowledge of the psychic system. My inner infant has been having a temper tantrum and my health is being affected.


Going deeper to my beginning

Turns out I hadn’t gone deep enough in my personal healing journey. I hadn’t gone to my first few years. 

I was born with special health and physical needs. My life experiences flowed from the start with rejection due to the physical deformity of being born with clubfeet. Today you would not know I was born crippled. I was blessed to have my medical needs met. 

I was also blessed with the ability to hear, see, and know things that were foreign to others around me. One door was closed, my ability to be physically active. But another door, my spiritual and psychic senses  were fully opened.


I love who I have become 

My background and my special gifts have helped me grow as a teacher, guide and mentor of spiritual wisdom using the skills of a light being.

I invite you to see if something in my services looks right for you. Is Source calling you to learn how to open up and dialogue more freely with your inner child or inner infant? 

I believe it is the illusion we are separate from Source or God that causes true suffering. I know this separation cannot be true since we are all created from Source.


Source is another name for God. Source is also known as the beginning, ending, life everlasting, the Akasha. 


Today I send you greetings from the oneness of Source. I know in this oneness I am whole, healthy and flowing with well-being. I will continue to focus on this as I bring more of the blessing of Source into my daily life.

I send each of you blessings of light and love,