Whenever I have found myself feeling lost, or overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life, I have learned to take some time to mentally refocus on the my spiritual connection to the light and love of God.
I use the healing guided meditations and prayers I offer within my work as a spiritual psychic healer. I know they add a layer of protection within my healing journey.
It is within the oneness I mentally re create each morning, where I connect to my sacred power source. In this vibration of love I flow within my prayers for the day.
I have worked with Source in this way for so long that I use this focused thought, this healing meditation, to bring myself quickly into the healing vibration I need to help myself and others.
In my latest podcast, I share a short meditation containing a healing vibrational prayer.  I created this for myself to help maintain my passion and connection to the light and love of Source and the grace of God.
I have placed a link to this podcast on my website and within podcast page you will also find the words to the guided meditation and the prayer. When reflecting on all the words as a prayer, you will enhance the healing effects of the words and images.    
Stay blessed share your loving light.
You are a divine co creator of life. Take care and remember your life has a purpose. Come let yourself ignite your light and energize your power to be a force of light and love.  

Blessings of love and light, 

One thought on “Healing with Meditation and Prayer”

  1. Spiritual healing can be defined in several ways. It can pertain to the practice wherein one person (i.e., a spiritual healer) heals other people of their physical or emotional illness through prayer or meditation. This is also sometimes called ‘faith healing’. Commonly, it includes the transference of spiritual energy from the healer to the sick person through touching or the ‘laying on of hands’.

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