Welcome new vibrations of light!

Welcome 2020 and the new energy! Do you fee it! Welcome to my renewed Spiritual Connections. 

Lately, I have been reminded how important a daily connection to Source is. I experienced a time out. I decided I needed some time off while we remodeled the lower level of our home. The constant disruptions scrabbled my mind and I stopped working with students for awhile.

During my down time I turned up my spiritual connection time with Source. I realized I have been in a healing coma. I have taken time to heal my body and restore my spirit and energy. I had experienced quite a number of medical issues and I needed time for me.

Spiritual Exercises Help

I shifted my morning to include spiritual energy exercises again. I am happy to say my energy and physical health have been restored and I am ready to greet a new decade with renewed passion. 

My newed spiritual connections helped me to realize I love to inspire and enlighten people to connect to the oneness of Source. I want to continue to teach what I have learned about healing. Teach how to consciously work with the light skills of Spirit.

New podcast Mon 9:00 am central

So I invite you to join me starting Monday Dec 23rd. Monday‚Äôs at 9:00 am take 30 mins to start your week by being inspired and motivated to bring your best into the coming week. 

It’s good to remember you are not alone. You are connected to the vibration of Source and always work in partnership with your Spirit and your Soul. Reclaim your power to consciously work in the higher frequencies.

On this show we will explore the vibrations and energy of the physical and spiritual realm. Explore together ways to connect with Source. Show you how to ask for guidance and receive clear messages. 

Expect answers. Look for the synchronistic events that happen in your life as you take action and move forward co creating your life with Source and your Spiritual Connections. 

Come and join me weekly on Mondays at 9 am. blogtalkradio.com/maggiechula

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