My name is Maggie Chula and I am a Channel & Teacher of Spiritual Wisdom; a  Healer for the Soul. 

I have always had an intimate connection to the vibrational source of God or Source.  This awareness has been with me through some shattering moments within my life and helped me heal my mind, emotions, body and spirit.

Source has shared with me many miraculous healings helping me move forward in my life when my heart was broken, my body was too weak to get out of bed on it’s own, and my motivation to live was almost gone.

Each time I was on the verge of giving up something inside me would rebel and say no, not this time. I want one more chance to work this out. In that moment of fighting for my life, I would be granted the knowledge of how to heal another layer or piece of my vibrational being.

The connection I have with Source, along with the knowledge and wisdom that has been channeled through me, have helped me feel complete in my being. It has given me a feeling of belonging to all that is. This divine wisdom became my primary guide and counselor at a very young age.

Source taught how to develop my knowledge on how to be whole and healthy within this physical existence while maintaining my deep connection to the wisdom of my soul and the vibrational essence of the universe, the essence I call Source.

The years I have spent on Earth living through my own healing journey has helped me learn how to create divine health within my life and manifest a sense of joy, happiness, and peace that radiates throughout my entire being. I have learned how to become healthy, happy. In mental and emotional alignment with my soul’s purpose and life choices. My results combined with the results my clients and students have been able to attain prove,

Your mind is in control of all the systems of your body and your consciousness is in control of your mind.


Work experience

My work within the corporate world as a Certified Project Management Professional, taught me how to take complex business issues and translate them into clear and concise solutions. I have used these skills to translate complex spiritual knowledge and develop profound tools and processes that are needed right now at this pivotal time in human conscious development.

My work as a Neurolinguistic Hypnotherapist, Certified Psychic Professional, Spiritual Healer, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Minister and Counselor, helped me grow in my knowledge and understanding of how people create and maintain health and well-being within their body, emotions, mind, and spirit as they expand their connection to Source and partner with their Soul Wisdom and Council of Light.

My work as a Psychic Channel for the Akashic Master Teachers has taught me how to flow within the creation process while working with my divine Soul Wisdom and Council of Light. It has taught me how to relax and allow the Master Teachers to teach through me as I share their vibration and wisdom.

Bringing it all together

I have combined my knowledge of what I have been able to manifest and create for my own health and wellness, along with skills and techniques I have learned within my work, to develop a series of transformational processes and techniques. These tools are designed to show you how to create balance within your life and channel the wisdom of your soul allowing you to heal every level of your vibrational being.

I want to help you attain the same level of divine health within your body, emotions, mind, spirit, and  life that I am blessed to have in mine. I want to help you enhance your vibrational connection to Source, God, the Light of your Soul, and your Council of Light so you have access to your sacred healing wisdom and your body has the energy to support you as you manifest your life purpose.

Our classes are dynamic and transformational on multiple levels of conscious understanding. They have been channeled by my Council of Light, the Master Teachers of the Akasha. These processes and mindful methods helped me move through my life and learn how to become victorious in the situations I encounter instead of succumb to the victim mentality. The mindful methods and simple steps we share will become important stepping stones on your path to manifesting a healthy balance within all the parts of your energetic bodies and the roles you play in your life.

When you feel in control and in balance, you will be able to quickly manifest your goals.

Manifest goals for all areas of your life including:

  • Your life purpose
  • Your physical health
  • Creating balanced relationships.

You can achieve whatever goals you identify to help you live a balanced, healthy life in alignment with your Soul.

My Pledge to you

As a Spiritual Counselor and Healer for the Soul,  I will counsel, inspire, and guide you to activate your connection to the light of your Soul and channel your sacred healing vibration. I will help strengthen your understanding of vibrational energy and how it affects your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. I will support you as you learn how to relax and allow a deeper connection to the wisdom of your soul. I will encourage you as you create and maintain a healthy balance between your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

I will help you strengthen your ability to consciously communicate with Source, the wisdom of your Soul, and your Divine Council of Light.

You will be able to

  • Clearly ask, receive and understand the wisdom that is being shared with you.
  • Manifest your world in alignment with your Soul’s vision for this life.
  • Remove the blocks that are currently keeping you from manifesting your visions to the level you want to them to grow.

I do not heal or cure. I help you understand how you are able to heal yourself and transform your life.

Using my ability as a psychic channel to connect to your divine Council of Light: 

  • I will work with you to identify your Soul’s purpose for this life
  • Set realistic goals to help you move forward in your own energetic ascension
  • Share tools and mindful methods to create your goals easily with help from your Council of Light

What I have learned

I have come to realize that my life purpose is to share my ability to connect to the Akashic Vibration of Source and channel the sacred healing wisdom of Source and the Master Teachers. Our goal is to help expand the human conscious understanding of how to create a joy filled and abundant life on planet Earth in alignment with what is best for all concerned.

Here is what my clients have been able to achieve from working with me and learning the processes and techniques I teach:

  • Regenerate healthy organs instead of having surgery.
  • Eliminate shingles after one session.
  • Go into a state of balanced remission or eliminate degenerative diseases.
  • Create and implement ways to live and thrive instead of quitting their jobs, changing their careers, or just giving up.
  • Double their income within 12 months after working on their life plan, taking an assessment of their talents and gifts and realizing what they were contributing to their companies.
  • Regenerate health and wellbeing after being told to make peace with their life and go prepare their loved ones for their transition.
  • Stepping out of their comfort zone to acknowledge the visions they have and  creating successful new careers.
  • Chose to live instead of end their life because life was too hard and no one cared.

I guarantee if you work with me and follow the mindful methods and processes I teach, you will feel more in control and aware of your true power, the power to chose to create a life in alignment with the akashic vibration of Source, your source, your soul.

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