What plans do you have for a healthy life?

Do you have a part of your body that feels sick, tired, worned out? It just isn’t working properly.  Or is it your life? Your life is out of sync with your heart. You don’t have any love or passion for the majority of things you do every day.

Do you have bouts of depression? Are there moments of great anxiety? Where you are waiting for the next big issue to show up in your life.

Are you ready to give up trying for something better, and accept life as  it is, flaws and all?  Yet some part of you wants something more out of life. Knows there can be something better for you in your life. You just can’t seem to find what that is.


Is it safe to dream? Do you have goals?

I know that point in life. The one that leads you a place where you don’t feel safe to dream anymore. You feel it is best to just go with the flow. You’re not sure you will have support to step out of your regular patterns and try to create something new. You may believe you’ll be happier this way.

Maybe you have a good life, but nothing in your life inspires passion within you. You don’t have a time during the  day when you think, I am so happy to get another day to do … what? What is it that inspires you?

I’ve had many times in life, when I wanted to stop the world and get off. I was done. But, there was always something in my mind that didn’t go along with that decision. Some part of me that wouldn’t give up before I made my current goals. As long as I can remember, I have always had goals, dreams I was working towards.

Very early in life, my grandmother taught me to set goals or projects for myself. Milestones I wanted to acheive. At first it was the goal of physical freedom to walk and play with others. I remember that one. She showed me how to see myself walking. See myself standing up and taking some steps. I was a good student and it worked.

Then as I grew there were always more projects. Goals and milestones for my health, my body, and eventually my mind. Grandma had been a teacher. She was an animated teacher of mystic wisdom. I loved her creativity and the way she helped me see what was possible for me in life. She cultivated my mind and inspired me to do my best.


Planning helps you create a whole, balanced, loving life.

Years later, when I was a mother with young children, I had become so sick I had developed a life threatening disease. It was then I stumbled upon a system design for life. I admit I seemed to stumble upon it, because even though I wanted to heal, and believed I could heal, I had no conception of the depth this goal would take me. No formal boundary for how this would work.

I had a goal to live unencumbered by physical limitations.  I wanted to heal finally and completely.

I was working as a systems project leader at the time my serious healing crisis was identified by medical doctors. Read more about my healing journey here.


I used what I knew to survive and thrive.

  • How to feel in control of my life, not a victim of my circumstances.
  • How to be grateful for my blessings.
  • How to use creative visualization and hypnosis to identify and change my beliefs
  • How to heal on an energy level.

Through this process, years grew to decades. I continued to rely on some basic project management structures to help me stay motivated and on task to keep my health growing.

This amazing system worked to rebuild my body and continue to  expand my physical and mental wellbeing.  It worked to eliminate fear, anxiety, anger, and depression.  I was able to move forward and felt healthy enough, I eventually quit my corporate job and started to work full-time helping others to understand health and heal new levels.


Soul Healing was a primary key

I studied and learned how to heal on an energetic level, spiritual level, and eventually understood my journey led me to heal many of my lifetime lessons – my soul contracts. The deepest level of healing came when I started to reconnect with the person I was as a child. A mystic who knew how to dialogue with God and the heavenly beings of light we call angels.

When I left my safe, stable career to start to work with others, I took on the stress of being an entrepreneur. It isn’t as simple or free as I thought it would be.  Basic business strategies and systems are needed so my business can  grow and I can maintain my health on a quantum level. The level of my soul.

I am determined to succeed at my goal of creating a healthy business. I have also set a goal of being able to stay whole and healthy as I help other people receive healing for their soul also.

Throughout this journey I have had some hiccups in my health but I no longer have issues that take months or years to heal. I am able to identify my stress or disease more quickly and have systems in place to help me change the healing path and shorten the effects on my daily life.

Many life issues occur, but my goals and visions for my projects are so completely thought out, I know what I am choosing to create. I take time to create visions that work for me. I plan for growth in health, happiness, and business success. I want a well balanced life, and that is what I am successfully creating.

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While my healing journey is different than yours, I know the steps I used to stay grounded and focused while also maintaining a busy, professional life with children who lived at home helped me immensely. They have helped many of my clients over the years too. I believe they can help you also.


Project Life: Strategic Systems for your Soul

Project Life: Systems for Your Soul is a part of the Soul Healing triad identified in my class 3 C’s of Soul Healing. The 3 C’s are Connect, Communicate, and Create. Project Life Creation is a large canvas for exploration.

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The course work for Project Life, shares the basic steps needed to create, plan, develop, implement, and maintain successful projects for your life. If you are ready to heal any part of your life, or if you are ready to implement a new way of developing your goals and bring them into your life, the classes in this course will share valuable systems, strategies, and tools to help you with project life.

You will know you are ready when your desire for change is greater than the issues you have identified keeping you from reaching your goals. If you are ready, this course will help you. You are not alone. You can heal every part of your life, every part of your body, and reestablish your connection to your soul. You will be able to access your soul wisdom and become an active partner in the creation of your life.

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