Are your Life Skills up to date? 

Are you ready for the next chapter in your book of life!


Yep! We are all moving forward. There is no yesterday to tie you down. Of course, this is the truth and has been for awhile. Just because it is July 2017 doesn’t change that too much. But it is fun to see the planets line up and put on a show. As long as you don’t wait for a certain placement of planets to move into alignment before you can move forward, you will be okay.


Expand your life skills

Learning how to recognize signs and symbols is an invaluable life skill. Astrology is one of the spiritual tools to help you with the signs and symbols from your soul wisdom. But so are many other tools. I like numerology. I have always been interested in numbers and their meanings. I also like angel cards, archetypes, dreams. All are important in their own way, and are a part of your soul’s language.


You can learn how to use those tools to help you communicate with your council of light but they are only tools. Learning how to communicate with your soul is a life skillYou also need to use your intuition and psychic senses to expand on the wisdom and truly hear it from the far corners of your soul.


Create health and well being with Project Life


I am offering something very different to help you create health and well being within your life. New ways to develop your healing life skills. I am sharing a new process, Project Life. As I have shared before, Project Life helps you see your life as an important project for your soul. It will help you create goals and visions you would like to manifest while you are here. You will also learn many phases and systems to support you as you work to develop your life projects and enhance your life skills.


And the best part is, working with the wisdom within the course, plus applying the skills – channel your wisdom, cleanse and protect your vibrational energy, set goals into the HD version of manifesting, and many more – all are guaranteed to help you bring your best into your day. Today and every day in your future. 


If you feel it’s time to work on Life as a Project for your Soul, I invite you to join me. The Master Teachers have shared so much with me, I would be very honored to help you understand this process also. Life is a project. You can plan for success. Come join us and learn how.


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Sending blessings of love and light your way!

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