How can love help you become abundant?

Let me ask you something, are you sharing your love with the world?  Is your love flowing freely? Do you limit the way you express love with the world?

When I pray to God and ask for guidance on how to become more abundant, I receive this message;

Abundance is an energy that flows when you have love in your heart, love in your life. This love is for all  living things: people, nature, Mother Earth, animals. Love brings an equalizing force to the world and abundance to your life.

Easy steps to share love and increase abundance

In my live stream for Sacred Sharing we talk about this as well as share information about healing the soul to bring more abundance into your life. Each of us is equal in our ability to share our light and love with the world.


Hear are some easy steps for you to share love and increase your abundance.

  1. Connect to God in any way that works for you. Know you are also connecting to your soul, your source vibration.
  2. Feel the love flowing to you and through you, penetrating all the layers of your existence.
  3. Know you are loved by God. Safe in the light & wisdom of his sacred grace. A part of the Universe.
  4. Share the vibration of love you feel with the people you love. Visualize them in the sacred circle of light you create.
  5. Bring in pets, plants, places on Earth that are sacred to you. Be sure to include Mother Earth.
  6. Grow your feeling of belonging to all that is and share that within your circle of light.
  7. Stay in that vibration until you feel a sense this is complete.
  8. Relax and know your prayers have been received and your abundance is flowing as it should be.
  9. Look for signs of abundance in your life and know all is in divine order.

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I would love to have a chance to help you heal the vibration of hurt and disillusionment that may have caused you to build up walls around your heart. Walls designed to keep you safe and whole, while keeping out the pain of vibration you feel from others. Join me for a free vibrational healing.

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