What choices are you making?

The season of fire continues to burn through us. The master teachers shared with me, this is a month where your choices will be magnified. If you are happy, you might be feeling euphoric and dizzy at times. If you are sad and burdened, you could feel that life is just too hard to bare. Everything is rubbing you the wrong way. Very few people are left out of this mix of chaotic, emotional churning.


I have also been experiencing many challenging choices. One has been to focus on my grief and see it for the teacher it has always been, and will always be, a part of my earthly experience. I believe this emotion and the many challenges it presents is a very big part of the transition from watching what plays out in your life and allowing your inner flame to ignite so you are compelled to make choices and take action. Sharing a push to stand up for what you wish to see in your world, today.

There are many things being written on the transformational shifts taking place right now, my belief is, this is a historic time for mankind. Will we pull together for the greater good for all concerned? Or will we chose the path that shares, there is only a limited amount of Earth’s resources and we want to ensure our group stays on top.

Are you pro mankind? Or pro Earth and all life within her vibration? Or perhaps you chose your country, your state, your city as your focus. Whatever you are chosing, be aware that it does count. We are all partners in the creation of our future, of something greater than ourself.


Healing grief is a choice

If you could use some help processing your grief, and learning the spiritual lessons these experiences are here to teach us, I invite you to learn more about my new classes on AkashicVibration.com


More information on healing grief can be found in my blog Unlock the Power for Healing  Grief. 


Sending blessings of love and light your way!

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