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Are you a being of light and love?

Do you wonder who you are?


What a crazy time we live in. So much destruction from natural elements and storms. So much more from the divisive way we humans are interacting with each other. Not all of course, but enough that we are clearly seeing sad times along with powerful times of love and compassion blending together.


I know each of us is infused with light and love from the beginning of our soul’s creation.


Think about it, do you believe you are a creation of love? Have you lost that loving feeling? I know I have been challenged to stay focused on love and joy when it is heartbreaking to watch the news or listen to the voices on social media.


But it is also encouraging to see people are coming together during the traumatic events that continue to take place.


Sometimes a personal timeout is all you need


Personally, I needed a time out. A chance to refocus on what I love. Here is what I learned. I love my life. I am happy with my home, my husband, my life. I am in charge of my time and able to do what makes me happy.
I remembered, while I love building online classes, I miss the personal interactions of working with students. So I decided to make some changes.


I am moving my classes from the Omtimes Experts platform to the Akashic Vibration website. This move will help me refocus on my passion, building classes and methods to help you connect to your soul and know you are co creating life with the loving source of all that is, God.


I also want to focus on helping people heal on the deep level of their soul.


Help heal your soul connections

I know your soul is perfect and clear within the vibration of the Akasha. My soul talent is helping you heal your connection to your soul and learn how to communicate and create within that perfect connection.


I am refocusing on the akashic vibration of the Source of All that is. Focusing on helping you connect, communicate and create with your soul wisdom.  The purpose of this site is to share the wisdom of the Akashic Masters in a way that supports both you and me.


The world can always use more love. If you feel the calling to learn more about yourself as a being of light and love,  I hope you join me. Learn how to bring your best into every day of your life, as you listen to the wisdom of your soul.


Take a look at the classes available now! 


Sending blessings of love and light your way!


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