Time to Transform?

Awaken and be blessed!

What an interesting question to ask, are you in the process of awakening? Yet many of us are aware this is what is happening on a global level to the many beings who live on planet Earth.

Why? Because Earth is ascending  into a higher vibrational life form. Yes, the planet is becoming a higher vibrational life form. So what does that mean for you? You, as a being who lives within her vibrational frequency, are also being infused with light and your vibration is lighting up as well.




It is confusing, exciting, and true.


Wow! So how do you get support? Where is the help you need to feel safe, secure, cared for? It’s now coming from your center of being, your source vibration, your soul. But then it always was coming from there, we are just awakening our mental capacities to understand how this impacts our ability to create life within this physical realm of existance.




A sacred tribe to support your ascension

The Master Teachers and I want to help! This is my life purpose. Together we have created a membership site called, the Akashic Vibration. On this site, we will share all the classes, audios, podcasts, and books that have been created from the partnership between Rev Chula and the Master Teachers of the Akasha. It will take some time to move everything there, but we have made a good start and will continue with this transition.


Within our free membership – Awaken – we will share many products we consider of value as you begin to awaken to the power of developing a partnership with Source, your soul, your Council of Light, and the many beings who are here to help you within this journey of life you are currently experiencing.


We have also created a Facebook group where we will address questions you have as you work through the classes within the course work, Lightworker for Source.  We invite you to join our facebook group and meet other people awakening and expanding their soul connections.

This is a place to share questions or experiences you have had within your life’s journey. Please remember, we are sensitive beings of light and love. All comments and entries will be edited if not in alignment with love and compassion for the human experience.



Today is the best time to take action and join us! 

We invite you to join our sacred tribe and become an Awakened member. Share questions you have for the masters and allow us all to benefit from your thoughts and understanding of this amazing time.

We welcome you and we are honored to share in your journey towards full conscious awareness of your part in the creation of life.


Here is the link to the website. www.AkashicVibration.com  You will find the register/login in the main menu at the top of the page. After you join please take the time to view the class, the 3 C’s of Soul Healing. Do it today. We look forward to hearing from you.


Here is the link to join us on Facebook!



The Master Teachers and I are here to help by sharing wisdom to help expand awareness for healing on the level of your soul.

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