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Welcome! I am happy you are here to learn more about my methods for soul healing. I work with the healing light and vibration of God.

I have learned much of my process through my own healing journey. I was born with many illnesses and physical limitations, yet I knew somewhere inside me I could help my body heal. From my youngest days, I knew my divine healing angels would help me with this task.

I never questioned this guidance or our connection because these angelic beings were some of my earliest companions. I learned through their wisdom and guidance how to heal my body and mind of many different types of illnesses and dis-ease.

You can learn more about my personal journey towards Divine health by clicking here.

My point is, because of the healing I have been able attain, I am positive you can heal also. My sense of knowing will help support you as you learn this sacred truth establishing new connections to your soul vibration.

Areas of focus to support soul healing

New levels and layers of knowledge about the soul vibration and it’s connection to the physical body are constantly being reveiled to me. I know each layer has an effect on the physical body. On an intuitive level I realize the majority of healing is done in the mind and within your energetic vibration.

My studies include: Reiki, ThetaHealing, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Past Life Regression therapy, Medical Intuition, Hands on Healing and Intuitive Energy Healing.

The Akashic Master Teachers contribute channeled information on soul healing using a clear connection to your source vibration; your soul.  Their transformative course of study is called the Akashic Vibration Process and include the Akashic Records. Our classes will lead you to heal every part of your being on a vibrational level.

All my studies and work have helped me grow and develop my medical intuition. I am proud to offer this service to you.  

Medical Intuition is the ability to sense the holographic connection between the various systems associated with being human. The systems consist of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of mankind. A Medical Intuitive can sense where these systems are out of balance and alignment which may cause dis-ease.

My studies and training in counseling and person development help me as I continue to hone my medical intuition and develop the healing sessions I offer.

The structure for each session is important. 

I connect to the akashic vibration of the source of all that is, God. I ask for God’s guidance at the start of all sessions. I want to be assured I am working for the highest good for you and your life.  The guidance and wisdom I receive is designed to be uplifting, inspiring, in alignment with the highest and best for all concerned.

As I stay within my connection to the akashic vibrational source of God, I connect to my soul wisdom. I know my soul wisdom will be with me as we work together to connect the dots between what your body is feeling, what you believe about yourself, and what your mind believes. Your mind contains certain thoughts, beliefs and limits you may not be aware of on a conscious level.  Although sometimes you are aware of your thoughts, yet you can not move forward and release their hold on your behavior.

Next, I scan your physical body and the energy held within the body’s chakra system. I do this to look for holes or places that are not flowing or lighting up. I am looking to see where you have blocks or where an energy system is over active. The key is to be able to maintain balance in all levels of your energy as it connects to your physical body.

The information gathered will identify where you need support. Each of your energy systems has a corresponding area within your physical body that is affected when your thoughts, emotions or beliefs cause you distress, grief, anger, and many other lower vibrating emotions.

Sessions address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Together we form a mastermind and sort through the thoughts and memories attached to your physical issues.  You will receive help and guidance during every step. You are guided to establish new thoughts and expand your understanding of what is occuring. Most importantly, energy healing occurs on a vibrational level.

As we work together, I will help you learn how to listen to your own divine guidance. Mentor you as you develop a way to build your confidence and trust your ability to hear and follow divine guidance.

Channeled soul healing includes: guided imagery, visualization and prayers.

These tools are used to heal your energy system allowing your mind to accept new thoughts and beliefs while replacing or eliminating thoughts that no longer serve you.

You will move quickly into a lighter energy pattern and balance your chakra system.

Working with your beliefs and the power of your mind, we can invoke health back into your vibrational energy system. Help you maintain a clear connection to your soul akashic vibration.

Soul healing is effective whether we meet in person, or create a virtual connection.

The timing of Healing…

The timing for healing to occur depends on you and what you believe.  The secret for healing is: what you believe you receive. If you expect healing will be long, difficult or impossible, it will be.  If you expect you can heal quickly and easily, you will greatly increase the speed of changes within your physical body.

As Henry Ford noted, “Think you can, or think you can’t, and either way you’ll be correct.”  

Healing doesn’t ask whether you have been in pain for 30 minutes or 30 years because healing is always available right now. Divine health and well-being is your natural state, and life is always seeking to return you to it!

What hampers well-being is not some outside force, but your internal resistance. All pain (physical, emotional or spiritual) begins and is maintained by “pushing against” something.  As you release your resistance, learn to let go and let God, healing rushes in.

It is your divine right to well-bring and abundance in all things. Your normal state of being includes the health of all of your systems and senses.

Final thoughts 

I believe soul healing and all healing techniques, are most beneficial when used in harmony with any medical professional advice you seek. Using my help and guidance to heal is not intended to replace working with anyone you are guided to see. The process I use is designed to support you as you open up and heal on a quantum and soul level.

I invite you to schedule a healing session now. You can do so here Schedule Appointment

I send much love and many blessings as you continue on your path of healing where ever that road takes you.  Please know you are supported by your council of light, just as I am. Call on them and know they are with you.


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