Unlock the Power for Healing Grief

Are you ready to heal your heart?

Grief comes to everyone at one time or another. Age doesn’t isolate us, nor does our species. We share in this emotion. We work through the stages of grief in our own way.  Healing grief comes when we understand this emotion as a spiritual teacher to help us expand our ability to love and have compassion for others.

My course, Grief, the Spiritual Teacher, is taught in two classes. Both offer you ways to release the pain, and heartache of grief and learn to embrace the wisdom of her teachings.

These classes were recorded live and are available to help you today.

If you could use guidance to better understand your grief I am here to connect to your soul wisdom and share answers to your questions. I can also help you dialogue with your loved ones in spirit. The masters are ready. I am ready. If you are, come join us.

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Grief, the Spiritual Teacher  part 1

Bring your grief, feel safe and supported as you experience a guided healing meditation designed to help you accept the lessons and release the heaviness and pain of grief.

The visions and vibrational healing will:

  • Help you feel safe and supported to crack open your heart and allow vibrational disharmony to leave your energetic field.
  • Watch as the energy is transformed back into a harmonious vibration with the source of all creation.
  • Meet your soul partner, your guardian angel, who stays within the vibration of your akashic record. Who is always in harmony with the highest and best from your soul wisdom to you.

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From Grief to Relief    part 2

Grief is a constant presence in life. From the moment of our birth to the day we die we will have many reasons to feel a heaviness in our hearts caused by grief. The feelings we get when we remember something that happened, see things that upset us, or anticipate the anguish of a future event such as a loved one dying.

There are many stages to grief and while each event is experienced in its own way, it is comforting to know the stages and understand it is natural to cycle through them. Sometimes many times within one day

  • Expand your understanding on the spiritual aspects of grief as a teacher for your soul.
  • Learn how to focus and reframe specific trigger points.
  • Discover a healing method to communicate on a spiritual level with a loved one, receive the comfort of closure.
  • Experience a vibrational healing.

Learn a transformational technique to move from a state of grief into a sense of healing. Gain relief from your heavy emotions as you take back control of your life.

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Private session or Guided Healing available now!

If you are ready to shift your understanding around some of your heavy memories, please sign up for a private healing session. You will find that information here.  Contact me today! 

We also offer help through a prerecorded healing audio and ebook, Transforming Grief with Love. Purchase it today and let Archangel Raphael and his healing partners help you find relief today.

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Each of us will process grief differently. But please know you are safe, whole, and protected in the light and love of God. And so are your loved ones.

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