What are your projects for this life? 

This series of classes will explore how you, a multidimensional divine being of light, are a project for your soul. Within this lifetime you have the potential to recognize your divinity and consciously co create life with your soul wisdom and the divine council of beings who make up your Council of Light.

The Akashic masters who will be joining in our journey are many, however our primary teachers are Archangel Zadkiel, Ascended Masters Buddha and Ganesh.

This course addresses the third C within the 3 C’s of Soul Healing, Create. As Master Buddha shared, the 3 C’s are Connect, Communicate, and Create.


Classes within Project Life: Systems for the Soul course work

There are six classes within this course work. Four have been identified and are scheduled on the Experts.OmTimes.Com online learning platform. The final module will be shared as this course development progresses. All classes will be recorded and available as evergreen.

Project Life: Basic Training  has been recorded  –  Free & Available now

This is the first class within the Project Life: Systems for your Soul course work. 

While working to regain my health from a life threatening disease, I stumbled upon a system design for life. This amazing system works to rebuild physical wellness but it also works to eliminate fear, anxiety, and depression. Come learn the basics about this dynamic course, Project Life: Systems for Your Soul.  This course covers the third C in the Soul Healing triad Connect, Communicate, Create. Creation is a large canvas for exploration.

Our guest teacher, Archangel Zadkiel shares the primary reason for this life is to learn how to create in partnership with your soul wisdom.

Learn the basics to the Project Life system for creating a healthy, well balanced life. Be supported as you learn how to be in conscious dialogue with your soul wisdom. The possibilities for what you create are unlimited. Join us and feel the truth of this belief for yourself.

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 Project Life: Goals & Visions in HD    $33 / Available now 

This is the second class within Project Life: Systems for your Soul. 

The most important aspect for any project is to have a requirements document. For Life Projects a requirements document is a goal statement you can visualize. Successful goals must be understood by your mind, supported by your beliefs, and excepted by your feelings. In this class we will lay out the systems needed to create a successful goal statement and vision for attaining and maintaining a healthy life in body, mind and spirit.

This class will help you:

  1. Create attainable life goals.
  2. Implement the vision for your life within your mind.
  3. Align your desire for the outcome to be balanced again the effects it will have on your personal life.

The steps within the system to create attainable goals will not address the tasks and amount of work it will take to implement your goals into your daily life processes. That is the second part of the six classes within this course. The two classes within the second module are Daily Journey & Planning for Success.


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Project Life: Daily Journey   Free

This is the third class within the Project Life: Systems for your Soul.

Come learn the basics of creating daily systems that support your goals for a healthy, well balanced life for free.  Our guest teacher, Ascended Master Ganesh shares the key to divine health rests on your implementation of good systems within your daily life.

 Learn the basics to the Project Life system for maintaining health and vitality. They include nurturing your body and creating action plans you want to implement. Chunking done your visions into manageable goals will be addressed in the next class.

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Project Life: Plan for Success    $33    Available now!

This is the fourth class within the Project Life: Systems for your Soul. 

Once you have identified and created attainable goals for your life and have a vision for your future, the next process in building a healthy system is to chunk down your goals into manageable parts, and plan out action steps. You need to understand what is motivating your desire for change? Change can be scary but with the right tools and help from your soul, you will make significant advances in creating a healthy, well balanced life.  

This class will expand on the information shared in the Daily Journey and look at your Life Projects from a higher perspective. Help you identify actions and break down your goals so your mind knows you can be successful. Share ways to plan out action steps that encourage you to stay on your path with your desired vision firmly in mind.

This class will include: 

  1. Actions to help you stay motivated.
  2. Systems to recognize when you are over committed.
  3. Help to maintain your vision.
  4. Processes to receive guidance and support from your soul.

Creating systems to support your goal of having a healthy body, mind and spirit, is a process that can be learned. Identifying actions that motivate you and help you stay involved with the creation of your life is a priceless yet attainable goal. Divine health is your birthright. Come and learn how to create health for all the systems of your life today.

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