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Where is your vision leading?

My dreams lately have been all about power, but not the human variety, the power you get from standing in your own truth and owning who you are. I sense a challenge is coming and I will be tested.

However this test isn’t just for me, it’s for mankind.

This challenge asks who are you? What do you stand for? I know there are watchers, light beings here to help us.  It feels like they are closer now. Have you received this message? I think it’s very important.

Many of us have been feeling as if we are waiting for the next act to commence. The next act for how mankind will choose to evolve. Lately I sense that time is very near.

I know what my desires are. I have clear visions for the earth, clear desires for the expansion of mankind.

It’s time for all of us to check our hearts and be clear on the future we envision for this world. The countdown clock is ticking loudly. Do you hear it too?

Actions Steps to Help Establish Your Clear Vision

Do you have a vision for this earth and for the future of mankind?  Here are a few simple steps to help you focus on your vision and bring it into your current timeline.

  1. Take time each day and focus on what you want to create within this world. What do you desire as an outcome that supports your desire for the earth you live on and the people who share it with you?
  2. See your vision clearly in your mind. How are you going through the day? What type of work do you do? Do you have loved ones you share each day with? Are you happier living alone?  Do you have other animals as part of your family?
  3. How do you feel in your heart when you envision this path? This future?
  4. Call on the angels for help to create your vision. Give them permission to help and support you to stay on your path.
  5. Pray to God to show you the next step on your path that will support your vision.
  6. Review your vision every morning. Make changes as needed.

These steps will help you ascend into the earthing you envision yourself to be. Help you to create a life you love.


We are Building Our Future Together

We are all a part of a shared future. Make your choice with full conscious understanding, you are a divine creator. Do not go blindly down the road of least resistance. Your thoughts do have an impact. State them clearly to yourself and know in your heart you are aligned with that choice.

Whatever happens, you will know you made a difference and that is everything. Your true power is your power to chose. Do it today.


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