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My Encounter with a Light Being

Meeting someone who shares an important message I met a young nun many years ago who helped me shift my understanding of God. I was a teenager and she was a friend's older sister who had recently joined a convent. She understood I was struggling to find my reason for being alive. I wanted to understand why I knew there was more for me to do in this life. I didn't want to waste the lessons from my childhood. She shared, "today is the first day of the rest of your life. If you take each day as a new beginning, and at the end of the day review your lessons and choices, eventually you will build a life you want to live filled with people you love."   Today I know she was speaking God's words to a soul yearning for connection to God, to Source.    Recognize and trust ... Continue reading »

What is a Human Light Being?

Changing and shifting with the times  This season of eclipses has pushed me to rethink, rescript, rebrand, rebirth my soul's passion to work helping light beings heal. I know it sounds odd, I want to help light beings, but since I have been working with Source and the Master Teachers in one form or another all my life, I am acknowledging this truth, I work with light beings. I have been through enormous shifts in consciousness and my vocabulary within the soul language of light has continued to expand. I am actively updating the glossary of terms located within our course work for Lightworkers. You will find if here.  I know changes are confusing. Changing times are confusing and they bring changes in our language. Here are a few to help you understand more clearly our definition ... Continue reading »

Stepping into the Light

Spiritual Ministry   I am a spiritual minister, a lightworker for source. I operate primarily from a sense of connection to Source and my Soul. I have spent many years and used many titles to describe myself and the way I view the world around me. My intention was to be understood by others. I wanted to fit into a world that at times feels very foreign to me. I learned as a young child to hid my connection to source and my ability to tune into a world that was primarily unseen and unknown by my friends and my family. The world of spirit. The place where your soul resides between incarnations. Where the divine angelic beings reside. The world of the Akasha.   A Child Mystic As a young girl I scared many people. I knew things that I shouldn't know. I knew what ... Continue reading »