The Wisdom of Age

2016 ended as a lion for me and it came in as a lamb. Now, I realize we use to say this about March, but I think it is more appropriate to share this about the year 2016.

For me 2017 is roaring in as a lion!  My world is not the same as it was the beginning of last year. My choices are more clear to me and what I am choosing is also more clear.

I understand your life can change quickly. I have been here before too many times to ignore the signs. Perhaps that is the wisdom of age. 

I love to create win/win scenarios. When something I am doing stops to feel that way. I tap into my higher wisdom and take a moment to breathe and think. Then I do take action and make new choices. That has happened once again. I have discovered I am unable to wait for much anymore. I am truly living today as if this day was all I have. I love my life, but I do not have time or energy to waste on things that do not concern me.

My choice made with the value of wisdom

I write this knowing, I have chosen to change and transform one more time. This time I am choosing to go full steam as the sacred psychic channel of light and love, I know I have become.

I admit I was born more aware of the spiritual wisdom of life than many others. And I will be eternally grateful to my maternal grandparents for sharing their wisdom and time with a young child who was in need of special care.  Due to limited physcial movements of my body, and my mother being a young woman who already had two small healthy, and active children, I did spend most of my time with my grandparents.

My mother had a lot going on in her own young adult life keeping up with my brother and sister, so I was sent to live with my grandparents so they could watch over me and keep me safe

During the past few months, a time of love and refocusing, I needed to take the time to regroup, restructure, and revise my professional life. And that is what I have done.

I plan to serve a greater good for the highest and best for all concerned. One morning while in prayerful communion with my council of light, I received the mantra,

“You are safe and whole in the light and love of God”.

This was placed into my being and I am forever changed. I heard it playing over and over in my head  when I find myself becoming anxious, nervous, confused, angry. I hear “you are safe and whole in the light and love of God”.


The Akashic Vibration website

So I have taken the step of creating a new space for sharing this sacred wisdom with you. It is called the Akashic Vibration and it is a website that will house all the products created by my partnership with the Akashic Master Teachers.This new site also contains a free membership level with access to the Awaken portion of the Master Teachers insights. Free audios, channeled messages and vibrational healing podcasts will be made available there.  


Click here to read more about the Akashic Vibration and our Sacred Circle of Light. 


Please know I am sending blessings of love and light your way!


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