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2017 may be the year of the lion, and no that isn’t a Chinese year.

The Wisdom of Age

2016 ended as a lion for me and it came in as a lamb. Now, I realize we use to say this about March, but I think it is more appropriate to share this about the year 2016.

For me 2017 is roaring in as a lion!  My world is not the same as it was the beginning of last year. My choices are more clear to me and what I am choosing is also more clear.

I understand your life can change quickly. I have been here before too many times to ignore the signs. Perhaps that is the wisdom of age. 

I love to create win/win scenarios. When something I am doing stops to feel that way. I tap into my higher wisdom and take a moment to breathe and think. Then I do take action and make new choices. That has happened once again. I have discovered I am unable to wait for much anymore. I am truly living today as if this day was all I have. I love my life, but I do not have time or energy to waste on things that do not concern me.

My choice made with the value of wisdom

I write this knowing, I have chosen to change and transform one more time. This time I am choosing to go full steam as the sacred psychic channel of light and love, I know I have become.

I admit I was born more aware of the spiritual wisdom of life than many others. And I will be eternally grateful to my maternal grandparents for sharing their wisdom and time with a young child who was in need of special care.  Due to limited physcial movements of my body, and my mother being a young woman who already had two small healthy, and active children, I did spend most of my time with my grandparents.

My mother had a lot going on in her own young adult life keeping up with my brother and sister, so I was sent to live with my grandparents so they could watch over me and keep me safe

During the past few months, a time of love and refocusing, I needed to take the time to regroup, restructure, and revise my professional life. And that is what I have done.

I plan to serve a greater good for the highest and best for all concerned. One morning while in prayerful communion with my council of light, I received the mantra, “You are safe and whole in the light and love of God”. This was placed into my being and I am forever changed. I heard it playing over and over in my head  when I find myself becoming anxious, nervous, confused, angry. I hear “you are safe and whole in the light and love of God”.

So I have taken the step of creating a new weekly space for sharing this sacred wisdom with you. It is called Sacred Sharing and I invite you to learn about it now.

Click here to read more about Sacred Sharing! This is a free weekly resource for families! 

Please know I am sending blessings of love and light your way!

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