Mastering Your Mind is a Process

Mastermind with Maggie now on OmTimes Radio
Mastermind with Maggie now on OmTimes Radio

Are you ready to master your mind?

Right now, many people are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, scared, or alone. Abandoned by life and the world they felt they knew.

Yes, life shifted radically for many of us. No matter what side of this election you were on, we are all experiencing a loss of innocence. It’s tough to realize the world doesn’t share your views or your way of thinking are foreign and scary to others.

But the issues you are seeing today are the same issues you have felt brewing for some time. It shouldn’t really be too big of a surprise except perhaps for the level of acceptance for the public displays of anger, hatred, and bitterness that is permeating the air, the news, and bombarding your mind.


Learn how to master your mind

It is time to learn how to master your mind? I know many ways to help you achieve this goal but the most successful one is to learn how to work with mastermind techniques. Mastermind is based on the theory that two or more minds create a master mind with knowledge you have access to. You can use the wisdom of this mastermind to help you create and achieve your goals.

My work and studies have helped me learn several ways to use this technique. Ways that have  helped me and my students learn how to master our mind.


There are three primary goals for the use of a mastermind process. These goals are:

  1. Take control of your thoughts
  2. Learn how to work with your beliefs
  3. Work with your higher consciousness

Although you don’t have to understand all the reasons why these techniques work, I can help you learn them if you want. I am a life long student as I always have a need to know.


Listen to the podcast now!


Learn how to master this technique! 

If you are able to take a technique or process and run with it then this podcast is all you need. But if you are like me and want to learn more, want to be mentored and get help to use these skills and master these techniques, I can teach you how.

Learn more about my classes and offering now.

Go to my store – purchase a class, private session, book, or a healing audio now. 


If you have any suggestions for me on how I can provide more help as you learn how to master your mind and create a life of joy and abundance, please send me an email and let me know your suggestions. 



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