Is it Time for you to Heal?

Do you feel a desire to make sizzling changes in your life?

Are you buzzing with the feeling you are ready to make huge shifts in your life? Are you ready to heal your body, mind or spirit?

Ready to start to think and act in a different way but you want help and need some support?

Do you want to be positive and hopeful about life but you just can’t get there on your own?

Are you sick and tired and ready to heal once and for all!

I know just the thing to help you. 


I want to help you heal!

The focus for my work is designed to support you as you heal. If you have something you want to heal, I have processes I have used with hundreds of people that have resulted in amazing  transformations with miraculous healing results. Many of these expansive changes have led to life transformations better than what was hoped for.

These methods are what I have used to heal my life. My body almost died more than 20 years ago. After a life long struggle with illness I had been finally diagnosed with an acute case of Crohn’s Disease. At the time of that diagnosis I was also found to be too sick to survive the life saving surgery I needed.

So I was sent home to get better. I needed to get strong enough to survive surgery. 

I was devestated. Then I was mad. Finally, as I worked through my fears and feelings, I had released enough of the shock to encourage myself to pay attention. I was not going to take my doctors visions as my final diagnosis. I was going to get better. I had two young children. I had lost my mother at the age of 9 and I had always looked forward to the time when I had young children. I looked forward to loving them and enjoying their company as a mother.

But by the time they had diagnosised my disease, I had lost my ability to concentrate. I was in a pleasant enough zombie state, but I didn’t recognize my own brother when he came to visit me. I somehow knew I should know him, but I didn’t. Not really. I was too far gone from this life on Earth. I was okay with dying, if it hadn’t been for the kids. They were so young. No, I couldn’t leave them. I wouldn’t leave them.


The healing qualities of visualizations

I decided to work on a guided visualization that I could focus on, listen to, and enjoy once or twice a day while I recovered my health and got better. This was a technique I had studied and used many times on myself. I had healed from many illnesses, but I noticed eventually I would become sick again. I was always a very sensitive child. Sick during most holidays and familiy events.

And I was done with that. No. This time I wanted to be healed, whole, perfect in the light vibration of God. Those are the words I heard as I channeled my healing audio.

Today, I offer in my store an enhanced version of that same vibrational healing in a guided visualization audio. The audio that helped me to transform my own body and create health and healing. I experienced such a deep level of healing, I stopped everything I was doing to pursue knowledge on how to heal on a deep, permenant level.

That is the potential I offer to you. Permanent healing on a vibrational level. That is the focus of my work. I have achieved it. Plus I work on maintaining this vibrate healthy state every day. It takes just 10 or 15 mins of focused time, and I have been blessed with divine health and wellbeing.

In my store, I offer you products and services to help support you in your creation of divine health and wellbeing within your life.

Purchase the audio I used to heal from Crohn’s Disease. 

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It is never too late to create a new beginning. I look forward to helping you on your healing  journey!

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