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Are you ready to create with ease?

Mastermind with Maggie now on OmTimes Radio

Mastermind with Maggie now on OmTimes Radio

Create your life with ease

Do you look for the worse that can happen? Are you a magnet for chaos? Do you constantly think about what could go wrong?

Let’s talk about the many ways taking positive steps in life can go astray. How when you have set out with the best of intentions to create a life that is stress free, you seem to always have a ton of chaos in your life.


Simple steps to reprogram your mind

After we will mastermind on ways to release and let go of those limiting habits and beliefs and embrace a sense of well-being.

Allowing for abundance and ease of life is a learned skill. You can reprogram your mind to know when you are about to go down a path of doubt and fear. This show will help you prepare yourself to shift your thoughts when a trigger appears.





Learn how to create life in partnership with the master teachers. 

There are many resources available to you through the work Maggie has done with the Master Teachers that will help you learn how to manifest and create life in partnership with your Council of Light.

Learn more now. Sign up for a class! Download a podcast. Purchase one of Maggie’s book.

If you are ready to create your life with ease,  you owe it to yourself to learn more now.

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