Stop mental chatter!

Mastermind with Maggie now on OmTimes Radio
Mastermind with Maggie now on OmTimes Radio

Do you need to take a step back from mental chatter?

Do you feel there are times when no matter what you do your thoughts are sharing with you this person is insane? Or how can someone think that way?

We all have thoughts like this about other people at times. Sometimes it is hard to stop the momentum of mental chatter. Learning how to mellow out without drugs or self medication is a skill. One that sadly isn’t taught in traditional schools.

While times are changing and some fear the future, when you know how to take a breath, relax, and tune into the vibration of love and compassion, your mental chatter takes a chill pill and your body will thank you.

Join me as the Master Teachers and I address this issue of judging ourselves and others harshly. We will learn how to listen to the critic and bully voices with understanding and hear their true message, I am scared. I need control in order to feel safe. 

Learn how to take a step back, regain your connection to your source of light, then  ground your energy with love and compassion. Help yourself regain control over your mental chatter and master your mind. Listen now as you regain peace and hope in a future where we are all thriving with abundance and grace. 

Listen now to “Why is everyone else insane?”

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