GoldenHealingHandsHow are you doing creating life?

How are things in your part of the world? Is health, well-being, and abundance flowing for you? I hope they are.

I know you have everything you need to create a life full of happiness, joy, and anything else your heart desires.

I am so sure of this, I have devoted my life to prove this process for creating life works, and life has rewarded me with health, happiness, peace, and well-being.

But it wasn’t always so. There has been  plenty of chaos, fear, illness, and death in my past. Yet, for some reason, I always knew I could bounce back. Well, not always but after some “pity party for me” time, I grew bored and ready to try something new.


Have you experienced delays, detours, dead ends? 

Are you like me? Has life thrown you, and continue to throw you curve balls? You know, the ones you don’t see but somehow thought might happen?

Isn’t it time to learn how to deal with these perceived curve balls before they strike? So you are better prepared to deal with them, and react to them, when they do.

Delays, detours, and plain dead ends do occur in life. The way to get over them, is to understand how they occur. Understand why they will show up again and again. Many times until you surrender to their teachings, and learn how to absorb their lessons.


I discovered a healing path, a healing process. 

I have discovered a way that has worked for me, worked for my clients and students, and will work for you.

This way includes opening up, and connecting up, to the light of your soul, your center of light. It includes learning how you, a multidimensional being of light, are creating life and your reality. And it will include channeled vibrational healings from Master Teachers you know and love. Teachers you feel comfortable around. you will learn to recognize their vibrational energy and know you are connected to their light.


AVP-Emblem-SMThe Akashic Vibration classes teach you how you are creating life, now!

This transformational course work was developed through many years of living and healing my own life, and also many years of mentoring and teaching about spiritual healing & self development,

As I work with this amazing process, I continue to create life and become more clear as a channel of light, a conduit for healing vibrational energy. I surrender and allow the Akashic Vibration of pure source to channel through me. This pure source vibration will share with you wisdom and healing.

I know you can also create life and become a clear channel of light and healing; for yourself, your loved ones, and all life.


Does this sound like something you would love to do, but just don’t think is possible? 

Take a leap of faith and trust your inner guidance that shares with you, yes you can. Yes you are creating life already!

When you join me, I will add my own voice and the voices of many advanced master teachers to that yes, and together we will all expand, flourish and thrive with health and well-being.

There is more than enough love and abundance in the world for everyone who wants to, to become whole, healthy, and abundant. I believe that is the normal order of things. Sign up for this transformative course and experience for yourself why I am so sure you are already creating life every day through your thoughts, beliefs and choices.


Start creating life with abundance and well-being now! 

Come join us, the Akashic Master Teachers and me. Help us and learn how to contribute your light and love more fully to the world each day, through your breathing in the breath of life, and expanding your connection to the divine light of God within you.

Learn how to access your Akashic Vibration; your soul. Understand how your divine Council of Light interacts with you every day. Make this the time you stand in your power and learn how to channel your source of light, your soul wisdom.

I guarantee, you are a being of divine light and love. I see that within you. I know that about you. I will share my knowing with you so you too experience your divine light. I believe you will want to connect to your light every day. Learn more about you. Experience divine health within your life.

Learn more here. Sign up and watch the free introductory session now! 


Learn more about me and other things the master teachers and I offer. 

Many angel blessings are being shared with you,

Maggie Chula



Psychic Channel & Spiritual Teacher

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