AVP-Emblem-SMIs love enough? 

Sometimes the path to a balanced and harmonious life partner is full of trolls, bullies and charlatans. It is a sad truth, not everything on the internet nor everything someone shares with you, is the truth. In many cases it Isn’t even close to the truth.

On Mastermind with Maggie, the Master Teachers and I, shared many ways people may have sandbagged you into believing things you really know are not true. Then we went into a mastermind and shared tools and solutions to help you learn how to tune into your inner truth monitor, your intuition and start to rely on your soul wisdom to help lead you through the illusions and fairytales of love everlasting.

We will also shared what love everlasting looks like from the side of the angels and of people who are fortunate enough to know they have that in their life right now. I am blessed to count myself as one of those “living the happily ever after life” with my believed soul mate. I know from a personal level, that love and commitment do not ensure bluebirds and happy times are all you will experience.

There are ways to know if you are in the right relationship. One that can grow. A relationship you want enough to create the room for cooperation in import decisions.

Some things to consider 

  • Are you looking for someone to complete you? It’s an amazing truth, when you love yourself, you will find the right love as a partner and life mate.
  • You let yourself treat your friends and family as second class citizens to be with them. 
  • Go with your feelings – Is your love monitor set to love without judgement or conditions? Do you know what love feels like? 
  • Do you believe other people are more happy? 
  • Would this be better if….
  • But my parents, friends, sister, brother, have a relationship that is…. do you compare your relationship with the one you thought you would have and it doesn’t stack up? 
  • Can you or do you live with …. he/she is always out with friends? they don’t like to go out in public or on holidays, or …. lots of ways you aren’t included. 
  • They can’t make a commitment and it’s been …. 
  • Someone in the family is more important. Their parent needs this, their ex needs that, we must do things only their way. 


How to organize your thoughts and see what your heart is sharing with you.

Here is a simple process to help you decide your next step.

  1. Take a sheet of paper and make some notes.
  2. On one side write down what inspires you. What causes your heart to flutter when thinking about them?
  3. On the other side write down, what can you do without? What about this person or a relationship you have had, makes you feel smaller and less important when you are with them?

This process works best when you are honest with yourself. Honestly assess the pain, or frustration, your inner nagging voice. Honestly share what you dream and truly want in life. Not just as it relates to a romatic relationship, but also in how you view the world. Are you a home body? Are you an extrovert? Do you want children? What happens when you both want different things?


I invite you to listen to this podcast. You will find the show here. 


Aphrodite’s channeled message on love and soul mates. 

If you are looking for more information about soul mates, Aphrodite channeled a wonderful message about soul mates that also included a vibrational healing for your soul mate heart. Love comes in many forms and layers. So do soul mates.

Listen to her channeled message here. 


But in the end, ….. 

Remember, in the end, no one else knows your mind or how you feel. Allow yourself the time to figure out what is best for you and the life you are creating. Whatever decisions you make, you are the one that will have to live with them. Love is all around. Open up your heart and see what makes sense for you.

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