Aphrodite – Heal Your Soul Mate Heart


This blog contains a recording of a vibrational healing,  designed to heal the many layers of your Heart

The Akashic Master Teacher Mother Mary shared a message and vibrational healing on your soul connection last week. You can access that message here. This week a new connection was made, and the Goddess Aphrodite came through to talk about the Mated Soul.



Aphrodite did acknowledge other Akashic Master Teachers are right about the Soul Mate. We have many Soul Mates and they are all here to help us heal our connection to our Soul. However, some of us are Mated Souls. You know who you are. You feel there is someone out there who is the “one”.


There are many forms and kinds of Soul Mates.

When I was in college a dear friend gave me a life altering book on the topic of Soul Mates. The author was certain there where  3 types. So, after reading this book, I decided to find all of my Soul Mates. I made the assumption there would be only be one for each type. I ended up finding at least one for each type he identified, and a few throughout my life he hadn’t talked about.

The one that took me quite a while to find, the one I knew in my heart I had but could not seem to find, was the Mated Soul. Aphrodite shared, if you are a Mated Soul:

You were formed first through Source Vibration into a Soul, then split into two forms as perfect, balanced halves; each knowing there is an other.

You know on some level you are looking for your other half for completion and balance. I had always understood I had a Mated Soul. 

My story with my beloved husband and Mated Soul, did not always go smoothly. We had a lot of life lessons, challenges for both us to go through throughout all the years we have known each other.


Aphrodite’s vibrational healing

The Vibrational Healing meditation Aphrodite shared with us, is designed heal your Soul Mate heart. Heal all the layers of your heart, and your ability to connect to another being on a loving, intimate level, and know your heart is safe and supported.

Listen to Aphrodite and allow yourself to relax and visualize the energy shifts she is sharing during this vibrational healing message.


The course work for the Akashic Vibration

I am so honored to have Aphrodite as a part of the Master Teachers of the Akasha, and share her sacred vibration and wisdom with me. I am very blessed to be able to share this with you. She shares she is one of the master teachers who channel the transformational course, the Akashic Vibration Process.

If you want to experience a course on Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development taught by Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the beloved Mother Mary, please take a moment and check out AkashicVibration.com.

This transformational course is now being taught online at Learn it Live.

Being successful in this course work requires a commitment from you, and your Council of Light. You will be learning how to communicate with each other. How you co create your human experience here on planet Earth. When you have completed all 10 classes you will know you are in dialogue together. You are working together to create life in alignment with your heart’s desire and for the highest good for all concerned.


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