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Come to an event, take a class! Grow your skills as a Lightworker!


I love being a spiritual teacher and channel for the healing vibration and wisdom of Source. My life is always exciting and new. The classes I teach today, are light years ahead of the classes I taught a few years ago. They will lead you to your soul’s wisdom and help you create health and well being in every aspect of your life and every level of your being.

These classes contain mindful methods with simple steps  you can use today to help you grow your skills as a lightworker and attain Soul level healing.

Join us! Your body and mind will thank you.

Classes are moving!

All classes are now hosted on my educational site,

Our intention is you experience a  virtual environment to support you and your growing partnership with Source and your Council of Light. Please send any questions you have on our course curriculum to   Sharing love and blessings with all!


Love is one of the best known emotions we have. It is also one of the best feeling emotions. It brings to mind the feeling of safety, security, happiness, acceptance, caring and compassion. But we all filter the love we perceive through filters we have developed over the years.


Come and listen to the wisdom of the Akashic Masters as they share information about love. Join in and experience a guided vibrational healing designed to help you feel the presence of love and know when there are barriers between you and the pureness of love.

Learn how to talk to the perceived feelings and get in touch and in tune with the heart of your soul vibration.

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Grief, the Spiritual Teacher

Grief comes to everyone at one time or another. Age doesn’t isolate us, nor does our species. We share in this emotion. We work through the stages of grief in our own way. Grief works as a spiritual teacher to help us expand our awareness of love and compassion.

Bring your grief, feel safe and supported as you experience a guided healing meditation designed to help you accept the lessons and release the heaviness and pain of grief.

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Plan 4 Your Life


Project Life: Systems for the Soul

This series of classes will explore how you, a multidimensional divine being of light, are a project for your soul. Within this lifetime you have the potential to recognize your divinity and consciously co create life with your soul wisdom and the divine council of beings who make up your Council of Light.

The Akashic masters who will be joining in our journey are many, however our primary teachers are Archangel Zadkiel, Ascended Masters Buddha and Ganesh.

This course addresses the third C within the 3 C’s of Soul Healing, Create. As Master Buddha shared, the 3 C’s are Connect, Communicate, and Create.

Classes within Project Life: Systems for the Soul course work

There are six classes within this course work. Four have been identified and are available now on the Learn It Live online learning platform. The final module will be shared as this course development progresses.

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New!  Free Course! Located in the  Akashic Vibration membership area.

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Explore the 3 basic processes that are needed to create a whole and healthy connection to your soul. These basic processes, when in alignment with your heart’s desire, will bring peace, love, health and well-being into your life.

Changes are subtle and so many times unacknowledged. In this class you will learn basic steps to map out your project for a healthy, well balanced life, and introduce you to the next level of support. Our desire is to help on your soul’s journey for divine health and well-being.

Master Buddha has always shared with us that simplicity is important to live a healthy and balanced life. He has channeled two messages through me and he is a part of my Council of Light. He has been instrumental in boiling down the information into the 3 C’s. He will share a message for us during the class.

This free class is located within the free membership area of  Home to the products created from the partnership between Rev Maggie Chula and the Akashic Master Teachers.  

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 Online Classes available now!

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The Tools for Transformation is available now! 

During my long journey from sickness to wellbeing, I was introduced to many tools for transformation. These tools included the processes I used to heal my body and mind. To reconnect to the feeling of love and wellbeing.

If you are seeking ways to improve your health and sense of wellbeing, I invite you to come and learn how these tools can help you create a healthy foundation to support your healing journey.

You will learn simple, easy steps you can implement today. We will also explore tools you can study to gain further awareness of your intuitive interpretation for the language of the soul.  

Restart your ability to manifest a life that fits your dreams for your future.

Come and allow yourself to experience old memories in a new way. Your body and mind will thank you.


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I want to help you learn about the subjects we teach. Subjects such as Spiritual Healing, Vibrational Healing, Healing for the Soul, Spiritual and Soul Development, and Intuitive Training.


My classes will answer questions such as: Can this help me with all the feelings I am experiencing? Who am I on a soul level? What is my purpose? How do I heal my body and mind? Heal my physical body and enjoy an active life again.

Individual classes are on a select topic or the use of a tool.  Classes this year have been on Past Lives, Present Day Answers, Healing your Heart, Soul Mates in every Color, and the Goddess Attunement.
If you have a subject you would like to discuss or a class you would like to attend, please contact me and let me know. We are here to help you.


Edge Life Psychic & Healing Symposium  Feb  24, 2018

I will be back at the Edge Life Psychic & Healing Symposium held in the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Minneapolis, MN. I will be offering inspirational messages and healing sessions. So come and look for me in the back with the Psychic Readers.

This is a very large event and there are many wonderful speakers and vendors sharing the best in the holistic industry. 

I would love it if you stopped by and either receive a session with me or just say hello.  I will be in booth 19. You can learn more about this event by going to this site