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Free Webinar – Introduction to Lightworker for Source

Learn about a new certification course created to help lightworkers on their sacred journey to develop their soul wisdom and light skills.

This course has been created and will be taken in partnership with your Council of Light. Both you and your Council will be making a commitment to build a stronger connection and partnership with each other. 

I will co teach this course with my Council of Light, the Master Teachers of the Akasha.

In this introduction we share the Mindful Methods with simple steps you will receive in the manual for this course. These mindful methods will help you cultivate your communication skills and expand your knowledge of the light language of the soul.

Learn more about the channeled healing meditations designed by the Masters to help release fears, anxiety, past memories, out dated beliefs as you create new vibrational alignments to Source, your Soul, timelines, emotions.

I also share the 7 layers and 10 levels of your vibrational essence that are addressed within this course. 

Learn about the certification process and the creation of a new sacred contract where you will partner with Source and declare your intention to use your light skills to help create a loving and supportive environment for all life on earth and within the vibration of Source.

Learn about this transformational course!

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