What are you waiting for?

goldenangelWhat are you waiting for? 

That is the question I kept hearing in my head for almost three weeks. What are you waiting for? What am I waiting for, I wonder? And so I began to think about it and this is what I learned.

I am living a beautiful life.  
I am so blessed. I live in a wonderful, quiet, green neighborhood. We have lots of trees, animals. By the bluffs of the St Croix Valley. My beloved soulmate is my husband, and together we have children and grandchildren. No one is in serious trouble or ill heath. We have enough to meet our financial commitments and some left over for travel. I set my own schedule and work the hours I chose. I am in excellant condition physically and my mind is very active with new knowledge and creativity.

But I always want to grow and expand. Learn new things. And I discovered, I want to share the knowledge and wisdom I have gained through my connection to the beings of light I call the Akashic Master Teachers. I want people to understand the process they shared with me that transformed me from a baby who was born crippled, who was always sickly even as a young woman, into a vibrant, energetic  women. A successful professional who is able to help you know you have an angelic council of light around you. You can call on them to help guide and support you as you learn how to create your life on Earth.

I want to share this wisdom and process with more people. I want to help bring about a new understanding and connection to the light and grace of God. I want you to know this connection is real and you can count on how the process works to help you heal your body and mind, and build a life of your dreams.

I am working on my goal to build a physical center for my business, A Center for Enlightenment. I am ready to take on that goal and vision. I am ready to let go of waiting, and of the weight that accompanies that process.


Release and let go of waiting! 

If you are ready to release and let go of your waiting for the right moment and embrace your divine magnificent presence now,  I invite you to join me. Join me and listen to one of my radio podcasts. Read the book the masters have channeled. Learn the classes and the processes they teach. My life is all falling into place as I take control of my power to create and rebuild A Center for Enlightenment. 


It is from this mindset and goal that MasterMind with Maggie was created. MasterMind with Maggie will be a new weekly radio show. The start date was moved from May 2nd to June 6th. At first I was frustrated with the date change, but I realized this was also a blessing. It gave me a chance to recommit to my vision and my partners, the Akashic Master Teachers.

I am excited to begin this new step in my life journey. I sincerely hope you find something within my work or my website that will help encourage you to sparkle and create your life with a new sense of knowing you are not alone. God and his angels are ever present waiting to help you. What are you waiting for? Reach out to them now. Then let me know what magic you bring into the world. I would love to hear from you.

For now, know many angel blessings are being shared with you.


Maggie Chula
Spiritual Teacher and Channel of Sacred Wisdom

Open the Doorway to Your Soul and embrace your Sacred Wisdom

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