MasterMindMediaIs this for my highest and best? I need a sign from Spirit!

I am very excited to start a new chapter within my professional life. I have been working on a new commitment or signing a new contract with the Akashic Master Teachers.

Last fall they shared with me it is time to teach again. It is time to stop researching, documenting, writing and experiencing the many levels and ways a person can get in touch with their soul wisdom and heal on levels we as human do not even perceive.

Working together as a team, we have been creating many classes. Some to be shared online, some in person, and some are becoming topics for my new radio show Mastermind with Maggie, on OmTimes Radio. Our show was scheduled to start May 02, 2016 but for many reasons the timing feel apart.

I was reluctant to start this amazing show where we will ask you to share your problems. Mastermind with you to discover potentials and possibilities. Then create action steps to get your life flowing with well-being again. Moving you towards the goals you create. 

The start  date, May 02 had meaning to me. I had lots of reasons that date worked for me. But, it did not work in the highest and best for all concerned. Delays happen during a retrograde period and right now 5 planets are in retrograde. I personally never really look to the planets for guidance. It frustrates me retrograde happens so often. I love numbers though and other signs from spirit. I always look to animals, songs, visions that pop into my head as evidence of signs from spirit I am on the right track. I am supported by my council of light.

So I sat on my sofa, looking out my new windows into the backyard that is always full of birds and squirrels. As I sat, I was thinking about the launch of the show being moved from 05/02/16 to 06/06/16. I was thinking, am I doing the right thing? Is this still something I should be doing or am I off on my offerings? Do I need to change directions somehow?

When all of a sudden I noticed something fly by and perch on the branches before me. It was a beautiful blue jay. Then another one flew onto the tree on another branch within sight. Then another one, and another one and I suddenly realized I was looking at 6 blue jays staring right at me. 6 of them. I have never seen more than 2 in the yard although we do usually have 2.

They stayed for a while, long enough for me to think, “is this a sign? Oh, my. This is a sign!”

And then they were gone. Not only were they gone, but as I jumped up and looked all around the yard, I realized there were no other animals at all in our yard. None. That was odd. I kept checking for almost an hour, no animals.

Not sure what to think, but knowing I wasn’t ready to finish processing this lesson, I went down to the bluffs to get some time with Mother Earth. I had just sat down when 2 bald eagles flew by. They then turned around and flew at me. Just as I was about to get up and run, they veered off into two different directions and flew away.

I was stunned. I almost never see a bald eagle but when I do I know that is a sign from my soul. A sign from Spirit.

My soul totem animal has always been a bald eagle. I have had two different medicine men tell me that 22 years apart. I have done my own ceremony and the bald eagle shows up every time even though, I secretly hope it will be the Phoenix. It is always a bald eagle. Wow! Okay. I was ready to go home and write my story.

Then when I went in to the house I checked the yard, and no animals in the yard. Nothing. 

I sat at the computer. Finally, I decided I got the message. I will do the show as we planned and June 6th is good. It gives me time to get others scheduled on the show. To share what we intend with the show, Mastermind with Maggie. I can set up ways people can contact us and be on the show.

I went to get a drink of water from the kitchen sink which looks out into the back yard and I saw 2 black crows. I thought how odd, they normally fly away when they sense me here. They looked at the window, right at me and then flew away. Then 2 squirrels came out to play. I also saw 2 cardinals and 2 blue jays. Life was back to normal.

So I sat down and wrote this blog.

What is my take away from this day of messages from my soul? I am on the right path. Do not change the format, but take time to share the details and how this can be of service to others. Take the time to prepare for this show,  because this is the next step according to our new sacred contract.

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