Have you partnered with your soul?


Are you a partner in life? Or are you the victim of circumstances?


Do you dream of making big changes?  Or are you actively engaged in making those changes appear?


Do you have issues with life: health, money, mental wellbeing?


I do, but the one constant for me each morning, is my desire to share my best with the world. I have not always succeeded with that goal. It grieves me to look back on some of my choices. It also hurts my heart. I have experienced this grief deep into my body and it hurts every where.


I started my spiritual work with the intention of learning how to heal my body and stop getting sick. I was blessed to have many opportunities to learn how to heal both in body and mind. I wanted to share this sacred wisdom with others.


While reviewing my life to understand how I have healed on such a deep level, I realize the key to how I really embodied this healing vibration is my connection to my source vibration, my soul. 


Partnership with my soul is my key to healing! 


I have learned how to recognize my soul language. How to communicate with my source. I understand the wisdom shared with me.  This wisdom partnership is what helps me heal on a quantum level. A level so light in vibration, illnesses and unhealthy patterns dissolve, at least momentarily. Maintaining this healthy vibration each day takes practice. It is a skill that can be taught and learned.


This partnership has taught me the evolution of a soul. How our evolution relates to the healing needed on the soul today.
The basic principle is, there is a source of oness for the universal. This source vibration flows through all living beings. We are each one with the source. We each have a source vibration with this oneness that is unique to our existance as a soul. By partnering with this source vibration, our soul wisdom expands and our health improves.


Learn to partner with your soul wisdom


The classes I have created in partnership with the Master Teachers of the Akasha, are all designed to help you learn more about yourself as a soul; a divine being of love and light. When you learn how to work in partnership with your soul, you see things from a higher perspective. Things that are troubling for you now and seem to stay with you no matter what form of therapy or healing you pursue, are prime candidates for soul level healing.


The classes I teach in partnership with my soul will help you find the missing piece to your healing journey.

The subjects for each class are all designed to unlock another key.


  • Spiritual healing will strengthen your connection to the source vibration and be bathed in the oneness of Source.
  • Soul healing will help you become comfortable with your Soul; your separation from the oneness of the Source.
  • Working with your soul language will expand your conscious understanding of who you are, a divine being of light and love.

Grow your ability to partner with your soul, your source vibration and be comforted by the knowledge you are safe and whole in the light and love of God.


Remember your partnership and share your best!


While reviewing my memories and shifting through my desire to be of service, I hear “You are safe and whole in the light and love of God“. The first time felt like it had been placed into the core of my being.


In the beginning of my spiritual work, this mantra kept repeating over and over. Sometimes I woke up at night hearing this. By embracing this truth, feeling in alignment with my soul’s purpose and partnering with my soul, I have been forever changed.


I would love to help you feel this same level of connection to your source vibration, your soul. You are here to experience life. Make the commitment to learn more now. Divine health is your birthright. Is it time for you to partner with your soul and change the vibration of your life? If you want to heal and thrive with divine love and wellness, get started today. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. For your highest and best, I hope you start, restart, or expand your partnership today.


Contact me and let’s get started now! 


Sign up for a class and experience the vibration of soul healing.


Learn more about the Akashic Vibration and the classes created with the Master Teachers. 


Start today and give yourself the present of knowing you are a divine being of light and love. You are safe and whole in the light and love of God. Contact me if you need help to know this is true. I know it is and I offert my support as you embrace this truth also.

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