Dear God,

I pray for the wisdom to know your divine grace flows all around me.

I pray I will remain in connection with this vibration of ease, light and love.


As I go through my day I will share the best of me.

I will stay in a state of grace and ease knowing love is all around and I am a part of this vibration.

I contribute my essence to the vibration of love, grace, ease, and flow.

Love, grace, ease, flow is my constant affirmation.


Remind me to stay in the state of oneness and grace, when I start to pull away from your vibration.

Allow me to know when I need a mental break to once again feel your love, grace, and ease flowing to me, flowing through me.

I will look for the best way to share this grace, love and ease with others.

Use me as an instrument of your divine light and allow me to be a channel of light, love, grace and ease for others.


Thank you for always showing me, I am a part of your divine vibration.

Thank you for the daily blessings of life.

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