Yay for another year on Earth!

Well, it is that time of year again, another year to add to my years on Earth. It took awhile, but I have learned to really enjoy this process. I love being alive on this incredible, abundant planet. I am excited to see what each year brings into my experience.

This year I am blessed to see the many years of hard work to reconnect to my Soul wisdom has born a new beginning. I am now a published author! Yes, after a long, hard struggle with my personal issues of being in the spotlight, I finally found the inner courage to publish a book. There are many reasons it has been a struggle to take this next step, and I don’t feel the need to share them. What I did want to share is the peace I feel stepping out into this world and sharing my truth.

I am a channel for the Master Teachers of the Akasha. I have been one for most of my life, and for a great many of those years I choose to turn off this gift. Then one day, I could not stop the inner push to reconnect to all of the parts and pieces of my life and my personality. It was a necessity to heal my body but it turned out to be the greatest blessing of my life.

I have found a sense of peace within my heart, that has lifted me up to be in alignment with the master teachers, to an extent I am no longer hiding under a table when I realize I wrote or channeled something sacred and divine.

Unless you also have hidden your talents away in order to be safe from the darkness, this might be hard to understand. For those of you who connect to the need to hid away your brilliance, I offer you my help as a guide, mentor, and channel to help you too heal on a level that will free you to share your best within your world.

Call me. I am ready when you are.  You can contact me by clicking here. 

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