Awaken Your Soul Connection


Would you like to strengthen your soul connection?

There are many changes happening within the earth’s vibration.  For many years Earth has been shifting into her new alignment within the Cosmos. These vibrational shifts have an effect on those of us living within her energetic sphere, here on planet Earth.

A few years ago the Akashic master teachers shared with me, it was time to make a few changes to my daily connection. These changes would help me and the many people who come to me for guidance and spiritual support.

As I implemented their suggestions, I noticed the changes helped keep my energetic boundaries clear.  I started to lighted up my vibration to match the Earth. I noticed I was able to transmute the lower vibrations that were being shaken off the earth. As these vibrations enter into my column of light, they are transformed into their pure essence of light and then reabsorded into the akashic vibration of the Source of All that Is, or God.

Mother Earth was delighted with my changes too. She channeled a message through me. In this message she shared, she is dancing with delight at her new level of existence. While I was surprised to have her come through in a channe,l I was delighted she was acknowledging the many changes that were taking place.

If you would like to listen to her message you can do so now.

Press here to be taken to hear Mother Earth’s message. 

A Free audio and workbook to strengthen your soul connection

I was  lead to share this process as a free gift to help you strengthen your soul connection and create a daily process to support you during this transformational time.

Are you ready to do your part in this great expansion process?  Your part is to be clear in your conscious connection to your own source, your soul. My free workbook, Awaken Your Soul Connection, shares the top 5 steps I take in the morning to awaken my connection and establish my energetic day.

The accompanying audio, Activate Your Source Energy, will guide you to:

  • Connect to your source vibration
  • Ground and center within the heart of the Earth
  • Build a column of loving light
  • Cleanse and transform energy as you move through your day

You will be bathed in the new vibrational tones the masters achieve with my voice, as you listen and are guided.  You will also be guided to ask your divine Council of Light to help you with your daily goals.

I am very pleased to share this with you. I highly recommend you sign up to receive this transformative and free resource. I encourage you to build a daily ritual to strengthen your soul connection.

This gift of love from the Akashic master teachers is being offered to help support you to continue to grow into a channel of light and love.

Our goal for sharing this, is to help you bring the best part of you into your day. Encourage you to seek angelic guidance.  Ease your ability to create your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Establishing your connection each morning, helps you to support the expansion of consciousness taking place on a global level. All of these actions will also help Mother Earth.

Sign up to receive this free resource now!

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