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Gaia shares her joy for life!


I am excited and amazed to have Gaia – Mother Earth – share her wisdom and vibration through me.

For many years now, I have allowed myself to be a trance channel.  I have channeled messages from a group of beings that call themselves the Master Teachers of the Akasha.

It was my heartfelt desire to bring a message of hope and inspiration;

  • to help us embrace our inner wisdom
  • to help me heal my wounds from the past
  • to help shift mankind into the new vibrational energy of Earth
  • and help us create an intimate connection to our true being; our Soul.

The past few years have been amazing. I have channeled messages from many light beings.

Some have had many lives here on Earth, some have never incarnated here, some are from a vibration that lives in the Akasha always. In this podcast I share another new ascension in my ability to channel messages from the light beings.

Here is a channeled message from Gaia, Mother Earth.

I invite you to listen to her inspiring message. 

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