(This is an article published in Aspire Magazine)

We have been privileged to experience a wonderful time of change, regeneration and rebirth. The earth has been shifting into a new vibrational alignment within our solar system. The human species has been shifting into a new expanded awareness of who we are and what our purpose is within this ever-evolving universe.

Now that the earth energy is vibrating at a new level and we have shifted our thoughts, expanded our understanding we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical life, we are being shown how our fears, doubts and limiting thoughts are keeping us stuck in a creation of chaos and confusion.

We are being shown we need to release our inner shadow thoughts to make room for a new expansive understanding on how we are all connected and aligned together as a species. We are connected through our shared experience of being in a physical body on planet Earth. We are connected at our Soul level within the Universal energy of God.

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