When I started to channel information from Source and the Master Teachers of the Akasha, I didn’t know what our new partnership would create, but I did know these beautiful beings had helped me heal my body and create a healthy and balanced life. I knew I was doing Akashic healing on myself.

It didn’t happen overnight (deep personal changes never do) but it did start to happen. The day I realized healing my Crohn’s Disease was just the beginning of my process, I was ready to dig deeper and learn more about myself as a multi dimensional being experiencing a physical life on planet Earth.

I wanted to learn: 

  • How to heal my body once and for all and stop creating disease.
  • How to maintain my connection to the Light of my Soul, and the wonderful beings who make up my Council of Light.
  • How to share this knowledge with others.

My journey has lead me to co create an ever growing and expanding course that shares the tools and processes the Master Teachers taught me to heal on the Akashic level of my Soul being. Healing that would allow me to live and exist on Earth without the burdens of illness and disease.

Our partnership has become a new way of life for me and by sharing this process and my personal journey, it is my intention to help you create your own process for healing on a cellular and soul level. I want you to experience an Akashic healing.

As I open up and share these tools and processes I would love to have you join me and discover for yourself how to open the doorway to your soul and start to co create your life in harmony with your Soul wisdom and Council of Light.

Learn how to access the Akashic Records, your Temple or Inner Sanctuary, the Hall of Records, the Library. Learn how to use the Flame of Transmutation, the Emerald Mirror, the Mountain of Energy, the Reflecting Pool and your Book of Life to help you heal and understand your life, your soul and the truth of your divine Soul being. Experience an Akashic healing that will help you establish and maintain the balance and flow of well-being in your life.

Learn more about how you can start on this journey today, or jump right in and schedule a one on one session with me. 

6 thoughts on “Akashic Healing”

  1. I would love to hear more about your healing journey as guided by the Akasha. I agree it’s an important pathway to health!

  2. Sounds like an wonderful journey you’ve been on. The tools and processes you mention have such beautiful names. I hope that I can experience your healing guidance and meet my own Council of Light sometime soon.

  3. I’ve never heard of Akasha before, so this was really interesting to learn about how it has helped you. I like how you are healing yourself and learning how to stop creating disease. How long have you been on this journey? I think it would be wonderful to have these things to help me better understand my life.

    1. Hi April! I have been on this journey all my life. It started with being born sickly and crippled. I had no one to talk to but my angelic team. They taught me about the Akasha and the Council of Light. My earliest memory of going to be with the Council is when I was 3. You can learn more by reading about me on this website.

      The classes the Akashic Master Teachers channel through me are now on Learn it Live. Learn more about then at I hope to see you join us. Blessings of love and light, Maggie

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