RevitalizeYourSpiritIt is very refreshing to look out the windows and see the grass, flowers, and trees coming back to life. Winter can be very brutal at times. This year has been especially difficult for people living on the East coast near Boston, while here in the Midwest the winter of 2014 seemed to last forever, and we did have snow in May. At times I have had my doubts whether the little animals and birds would all make it. I have watched the winds blow so hard, our bird feeders were scattering seed all over the snow. When the spring thaw finally came, we have seen layers of seed and debris surface within the melting snow.

This year as I watch for signs of spring and listen to the birds chirping so cheerfully, I am happy I live in a part of the world that has visible reminders of the seasons. The signals of spring always make me feel like cleaning my home, my office, and my closets. Changing my clothes from darker, thicker materials to the light and bright clothes of spring and summer.

Spring is also a time to clear and clean out my mind of all the clutter that I absorbed in the past several months. I consciously start a familiar process of reestablishing my personal and energetic boundaries with people, commitments, and my own goals. I know it helps me to refresh my thoughts and energy.

During any time of year there are ways to support your energy and revitalize your spirit. Whether you draw energy from people or you are an introvert and gather energy by being alone, you can always increase your sense of wellbeing by centering your mind and thoughts.

This article has been published in Edge Magazine March 2015. You can read the entire article and see my easy 6 step method to increase your feeling of well-being here .

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