9781504333535_COVER.inddWhat crazy year of changes this has been. Balboa Press has published my new book; Open the Doorway to Your Soul. I am working with a publicist to get the word out about the book, plus the re mastered classes for the Akashic Vibration Process. Those classes are in full swing and being mapped out. Saint Germain has taught me to place the energy for each class within my grid lines for the coming year of creation.

Saint Germain shares information on the universal grid in my new book. His explanation helped me release and let go of my limits and blocks towards being published and teaching these courses. I am finally feeling like I know the classes and how they can help alter and expand your dreams and visions, helping you create a magnificent tomorrow.

The release of this book has helped me feel ready to share my knowledge and wisdom about your true being; your soul. I can share how following the teachings of this group of master teachers helped me heal: my body, my mind, my emotions, my spirit, my connection to God, and my connection to my soul. I am free to share I channel wisdom and light for the Master Teachers of the Akasha and I can show you how to channel the wisdom and light from your Soul and your master teachers.

It feels like I have landed in a timeline space I always envisioned but did not dare to believe could come true. For so many years I was shut down. I consciously worked very hard to be shut down. Things would happen and I would either ignore them or retreat internally and away from others to work and process what happened.

After working as a Professional Psychic, Energy Healer, and Channel for over a decade I have learned my story isn’t too different from other people’s stories. Mine is dramatic and over blown with energy, vibration, and emotion; but then that reflects on me. As I have taken control of my life and my reactions to things, I have made better choices on how I want to create my life’s work. All of my visions for creation are now being realized as this book and these classes are shared with others.

I am a happy, blessed woman. I want to help you experience this level of happiness over: being alive, living on this wonderful planet, expanding your consciousness, and helping to expand the group consciousness for human beings. It is bliss unlike any other.

I hope you will continue to learn from the master teachers how to: channel, dialogue, and interpret your soul wisdom. Whether you feel I am the human teacher for you or you find someone else, I firmly believe once you open the doorway to your soul, you can never go back to viewing your life in the same way again. You will see the connections and understand, this is your new reality. You are a multidimensional being.

Relax and enjoy the experience.

Learn more about the book here.

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