Channeling the wisdom of the Akasha.

Many years ago, when I started to fully heal my body of chronic illness and awaken to the fact my life was not complete, I discovered the work of Dr Michael Newton. I was searching for something to explain why I knew so much about the afterlife and my life between lives. Why I knew for a fact that the soul lives on and we can communicate with the spirit of people who have passed on.

Dr Newton’s work with hypnotherapy and past life regression led him to publish a set of books documenting his findings of a common afterlife, a life between lives. Reading these books I found myself feeling glad I wasn’t alone although I didn’t agree with everything he wrote. 

Reaching the Space of My Life Between Lives

These books were beneficial for my desire to explore my own memories and knowledge of this subject and I began to look for someone to do a regression on me.

While Dr Newton no longer worked with individuals, I found a student of his who agreed to do a regression on me even though he was skeptical of the results since I had never had any form of hypnosis or regression therapy and therefore was untested in my response to being hypnotised.

I was insistent. I knew I needed this to get some answer to who I was. I wanted to know what were these crazy abilities that were coming back to me and why did I have memories of shutting down my connection to Source? Why did I suddenly remember the actions of a grieving 10 year old? Actions I had totally forgotten.

Being Introduced to a Goddess

I was successful in being able to access my source, my soul wisdom but I receive information that jarred my consciousness into a tailspin of, “Oh my God, what do I do now?”

During this life between lives connection to my soul I was told my soul name is Isis. A booming voice said very clearly into the recording, “My name is   Isis. I-S-I-S, Isis.

My regression therapist went on asking questions and since I was in a deep trance I was only mildly aware of an enormous presence within my vibrational space, booming out information with a confidence I felt comforted by.

And that was my introduction to the Goddess Isis and a reeducation on channeling the wisdom of the soul and the akashic vibration of source.

Embracing Soul Wisdom

Several years later I was comfortable as a  hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression. But, the angels that kept working within my office had me questioning should I be doing more? If so, what more is there?

Once again I was lead by my clients to understand my methods of hypnotherapy were not the same as other therapists. I was more of a healer. Since I had helped myself heal from multiple ailments and chronic illnesses, I considered that might be my true path and off I went to create a course for healing on the level of the soul.

It’s taken me many years to get to this level of knowing I am on the right path for me. My courses are healing and they are also inspirational. They inspire and guide students to: 

  • Develop their own unique connection to source and soul wisdom. 
  • Learn the language of their soul.
  • Be able to interpret the signs, and symbols into a meaningful ability to communicate and create with source.
  • Build a life with meaning and purpose.
  • Access their own life between lives and help themselves heal.

My point of stuckness within this work was always, where is the beginning? Teaching multidimensional being of lights and helping them learn the language of the soul is intriguing. A challenge I accepted. But I questioned where is the root, the start,  the beginning?

The Lightning Bolt of Awakening

And then it hit me like a lightning bolt, the beginning happens every day. The start of each day is the beginning. Breathing in the light vibration of Source. Connecting to soul wisdom as you wake up. Funny how the answer was there all along in my own methods and systems of healing, yet it took me time to understand. 

Grateful for the Journey

I am so glad to be on this journey. Happy I am awake and aware of my healing path. Grateful for the lessons and turns it took to get here. Ready to embrace my connections and teach others how to connect, communicate, and create with source and their soul wisdom. 

If you would like to learn more about my courses for awakened souls and light beings, you will find that information here.  Know this, whether you learn from someone or find the answers on your own, you are always surrounded by loving beings of light who are here to help you. All you need to do is ask, listen and acknowledge you are also a being of light. You are connected to Source as we all are. You do receive answers to your prayers.

If you would like support or help with receiving and interpreting the messages I am here and I can help you.

My first book is a collection of channeled messages from the Akashic Master Teachers. This book does not provide a full list of the masters I work with, however it does provide a good place to start when working with Source and learning how to ignite your lightworker within. Learn more about our book, Open the Doorway to Your Soul now.

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