Healing Your Soul Connection

I have been blessed to have a very intimate and sacred connection to the wisdom of my soul. I know this life is only one part of the journey of my soul.  I also know the part my spirit plays in helping me create a life of well-being and balance. I have used this knowledge and wisdom to help myself heal my body and create balance in every area of my life.

I can easily use many levels of consciousness to access knowledge and wisdom. When I am sick, or I need guidance about an issue I am experiencing, I know how to work with my energy to create a solution that will help me maintain the balance of wellness in my body and my life.

I attribute my blessings to the teachings of my divine Council of Light. This council is made up of the Master Teachers of the Akasha. Their wisdom and guidance has helped me through many struggles and trials in my life.

A vision from the Master Teachers

They came to me in a vision and shared it was time to share their wisdom with a larger audience. Now is the time for the planet, mankind, and for me to fully understand who we are on our soul level and what is our shared purpose for this life. They want to help us bring more of our soul wisdom into our conscious choices influencing the actions we take each day.

It is the right time to share the tools and techniques they have shared with me that have helped me heal through trauma, illness, and chaos. I am now in a place that I can teach their wisdom and also show within my life experiences and my body their methods work.

Our book, Open the Doorway to Your Soul, shares uplifting and inspiring messages from many of our sacred teachers. 

They speak as one in their goal to help you understand: 

  • Everyone has a center of light even people who seem different, bad or evil.
  • With your help, we can bring the light vibration more fully into the Earth, and create a peaceful, loving culture. A culture that supports everyone sharing their divine brilliance within this world.

Within the messages are many healing prayers, techniques, and tools to help you expand your conscious understanding of who you are. Once you Open the Doorway to Your Soul, you will never see your life the same again. It will become apparent how much power you have over the direction of your life. How blessed you are.  How many amazing beings of light are with you to help you on your journey.

Open the Doorway to Your Soul

I invite you to Open the Doorway to Your Soul. Join me on this journey and together let’s build the world we see in our mind’s eye. One that is inclusive, transparent, and creates the space for each of us to share the best of ourselves within our own life, and within the lives of those we love.

You can learn more and purchase the book here. 

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