OpenTheDoorwayHave you heard about the Akashic Records?

Have you ever wondered what an Akashic Record is? Have you asked yourself, how could information about your soul help you create healing in your life?

The purpose of my work is to connect you to the golden chakra of wisdom, introducing you to that part of your being that resides within the Akashic Vibration, your soul. The Akashic Vibration is where your source, your soul vibration, resides. It is also the vibration of all that is, the universal source energy, or God.

In my work and in the classes co created with the master teachers, we offer clarity on the spiritual aspects of life and share tools to empower and guide you in your understanding of the connection between your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and your physical well being. This knowledge will support you in your creation of health and wellness within your life and your world so you can enhance your own spiritual connections and activate your sacred wisdom.

I have worked with these beings of light all my life to help me heal my body, heal my mind, and heal my spiritual connection to my soul. Even when I had consciously rejected them and my ability to hear and channel their wisdom, I knew how to work with energy and I learned how to heal my body from many vibrations of illness. During our work together, as I opened up to hear their wisdom, the master teachers and I developed a glossary of terms to help me share with people this incredible body of work. You will find part of this glossary in my new book, “Open the Doorway to Your Soul”.

This is a excerpt from the book explaining what your Akashic Record is. 

When we talk about the Akasha, we are talking about the place where your soul resides. Where the universal source energy, or God, resides. All knowledge within the universe is available to every soul and spirit and is part of the universal energy that surrounds all things. I call this universal energy the Akasha. The Akasha contains a vibrational living documentation for everything that is happening within the universal source energy. It also contains information about the possible potentials within each life based on the choices each of us has made in the past.

The Akashic Vibration refers to the fact that we are all vibrations. The Akasha is a vibration. God is a vibration. Working in the Akashic Vibration supports you as you open up your mind to see how you are a part of the divine. It helps you understand how everything you do has a ripple effect on every living thing within this universe.

We will also talk about your soul. The soul has also been called your higher wisdom, your higher consciousness, and your sacred wisdom—that part of you that knows everything about you, that knows everything about your past, your present, and all future probabilities.

Next is your spirit. Your spirit is that part of your soul that joins with your physical body to create you, a unique human being. The spirit has also been known as your inner voice, your authentic self.

Each spirit has an Akashic Record. So to clarify, you have a spirit, and that spirit is part of your soul. Your spirit (a part of your soul) joins with your physical body to create you, a unique human being. You, as a unique human being, have a record within the Akasha, your Akashic Record.

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  1. I’ve heard about the Akashic Records, but I’ve never known exactly what they are. It’s interesting that they can help you resonate with yourself! It seems like it would be a good way to become at peace.

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