How to Heal the Soul

Are you searching for something to help you feel better?  Many people are searching for something to help them feel better. Whether we are upset with things in our private life, changes happening to our society, or concerned about the Earth, it seems like nothing will help us feel happy Continue Reading

Share your best with the world!

Have you partnered with your soul? Are you a partner in life? Or are you the victim of circumstances? Do you dream of making big changes?  Or are you actively engaged in making those changes appear? Do you have issues with life: health, money, mental wellbeing? I do, but the Continue Reading

Yay for another year on Earth!

Well, it is that time of year again, another year to add to my years on Earth. It took awhile, but I have learned to really enjoy this process. I love being alive on this incredible, abundant planet. I am excited to see what each year brings into my experience. Continue Reading