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What is a Human Light Being?

Changing and shifting with the times  This season of eclipses has pushed me to rethink, rescript, rebrand, rebirth my soul's passion to work helping light beings heal. I know it sounds odd, I want to help light beings, but since I have been working with Source and the Master Teachers in one form or another all my life, I am acknowledging this truth, I work with light beings. I have been through enormous shifts in consciousness and my vocabulary within the soul language of light has continued to expand. I am actively updating the glossary of terms located within our course work for Lightworkers. You will find if here.  I know changes are confusing. Changing times are confusing and they bring changes in our language. Here are a few to help you understand more clearly our definition ... Continue reading »

The Akashic Records and your Soul Wisdom

Have you heard about the Akashic Records? Have you ever wondered what an Akashic Record is? Have you asked yourself, how could information about your soul help you create healing in your life? The purpose of my work is to connect you to the golden chakra of wisdom, introducing you to that part of your being that resides within the Akashic Vibration, your soul. The Akashic Vibration is where your source, your soul vibration, resides. It is also the vibration of all that is, the universal source energy, or God. In my work and in the classes co created with the master teachers, we offer clarity on the spiritual aspects of life and share tools to empower and guide you in your understanding of the connection between your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and your physical well being. This ... Continue reading »

Spring Cleaning to Revitalize Your Spirit

It is very refreshing to look out the windows and see our yard coming back to life. This winter was so brutal at times I was in doubt over whether the little animals would all make it. I watched the winds blow so hard our bird feeders were scattering seed all over the snow. When the big thaw came we watched as layers of seed and debris surfaced within the melting snow. As I watch for signs of spring and listen to the birds chirping so cheerfully I am happy I live in a part of the world that has visible reminders of the seasons. The signals of spring always make me feel like cleaning my home, my office and my closets. Changing my clothes from darker, thicker materials to the light and bright clothes of spring and summer. It is also a time to clear and clean out my mind of all the ... Continue reading »