Garden3It is very refreshing to look out the windows and see our yard coming back to life. This winter was so brutal at times I was in doubt over whether the little animals would all make it. I watched the winds blow so hard our bird feeders were scattering seed all over the snow. When the big thaw came we watched as layers of seed and debris surfaced within the melting snow.

As I watch for signs of spring and listen to the birds chirping so cheerfully I am happy I live in a part of the world that has visible reminders of the seasons. The signals of spring always make me feel like cleaning my home, my office and my closets. Changing my clothes from darker, thicker materials to the light and bright clothes of spring and summer.

It is also a time to clear and clean out my mind of all the clutter that I absorbed in the past several months. I consciously start a familiar process of reestablishing my personal and energetic boundaries with people, commitments, my own goals. I know it helps me to refresh my thoughts and energy.

During any time of year there are ways to support your energy and revitalize your spirit. Whether you draw energy from people or you are an introvert and gather energy by being alone you can always increase your sense of wellbeing by centering your mind and thoughts.

A quick way to help yourself increase your feeling of wellbeing is to find a quiet place where you can have three minutes to yourself.  Then get comfortable and start to breath in as deeply as you can. Set your intention to open up the airways of your body. While you breath in imagine, visualize or feel yourself drawing in air or energy from the far corners of the universe. As you breath allow yourself to feel the energy flowing to you as a radiant and sparkling light. Imagine your body tingling with the energy that is being drawn into your body along with the oxygen that is so very important for your body. As you exhale see your worries and cares being blown out of your body and rising up into the air away from you. Your thoughts are released into the air and transformed into a fluffy pink cloud of love. Focus on breathing in the wonderful light of healing air and exhaling and blowing out your worries, stress and fearful thoughts.

Do this for a few minutes and you will feel better. When you are ready to resume your day remember whenever you begin to feel anxious, stressed or worried take a deep breath and visualize breathing in light, sparkling air. Then exhale and blow out your stale thoughts. Blow them far away from your body and into a fluffy pink cloud of love.

Using the wonderful energy of breathing deeply and focusing on your breath you will shift your mind away from your anxiety, tension or fear and calm your mind and body. You will feel more centered, grounded and at peace. Try it and let me know if this works for you 🙂

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