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Mastering Your Mind is a Process

Are you ready to master your mind? Right now, many people are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, scared, or alone. Abandoned by life and the world they felt they knew. Yes, life shifted radically for many of us. No matter what side of this election you were on, we are all experiencing a loss of innocence. It's tough to realize the world doesn't share your views or your way of thinking are foreign and scary to others. But the issues you are seeing today are the same issues you have felt brewing for some time. It shouldn't really be too big of a surprise except perhaps for the level of acceptance for the public displays of anger, hatred, and bitterness that is permeating the air, the news, and bombarding your mind.   Learn how to master your mind It is time to learn how to ... Continue reading »

Release Anxiety and Increase Wellbeing with Mindful Breathing

Do you suffer from anxiety or know someone who does? There are many ways to support yourself and keep your spirits uplifted even if you do suffer from bouts of anxiety.  You can learn to train your mind and move your thoughts into a state of wellbeing through mindful breathing. Whether you draw energy from people or you are an introvert and gather energy by being alone you can always increase your sense of wellbeing by centering your mind and thoughts. Here is a quick way to help yourself increase your feeling of wellbeing.  Find a quiet place where you can have a few minutes to yourself.  Get comfortable. Then start to breath in as deeply as you can with the intention of opening up the airways of your body and breathing in the breath of life. While you breath in imagine, ... Continue reading »