Healing is a daily choice


It seems as if our eternal winter is ending quickly and on my walk this morning I saw evidence of Spring is here. The birds are singing loudly this time of year. Just the tips of the tulips are coming out of the ground in the garden. Within a week we shifted from a record breaking blizzard to spring.


Such is the continuation of life. Life wants to be. You as a soul wanted to be. But sometimes we all need help. 


I love my work. It involves helping people create health and wellbeing by removing blocks, fears, black holes in their memory so they can heal the past and get on with living. 

One of the tools I use, I discovered through reading about Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet. He brought back information from the Akashic Records.

As I read about his work, I decided I wanted to read my own akashic record. This desire was granted and I started dreaming about the records. In my dreams there was a huge library full of books. Books upon books upon books. I loved libraries so this was a very welcoming dream/vision I kept having.


At one point in my early 20s I was battling chronic throat problems and I prayed for healing knowledge from my akashic records so I could understand why my throat was always sick, swollen, and infected. By this time in my life, I understood I needed help to keep my body going so I could live and enjoy life.

I had taken mind conditioning courses before and I believed they helped me strengthen my body and create a healthier environment for my mind. I was able to gain some healing relief but then another problem would pop up within a few months and I would be sick again.


Healing for your mind


I focused on healing my mind and my memories. During one guided medition I was directed to focus on my internal center, and I ended up in a place I knew from my earliest memories as the Temple of Light. The Flame of Transmutation was there for me although this wasn’t what the instructor had in mind.

During that meditation, a part of my mind was reactivated to use a link I had disabled, my connection to the source vibration of God. During my quest for meditations on self healing I came into the knowledge of my Temple of Light and I knew that was where I would find my Book of Life, my Akashic Record.


From that point forward, I studied spiritual mysticism, occult studies, hypnosis and altered states of consciousness. All of that led to my current work as a Teacher and Healer for Source, the akashic vibration of all that is.

I know now, the Akashic Records are a vibrational database of everything that has ever existed within the source vibration of God. We all have an Akashic Record representing our current lifetime. We also have records for all the past experiences we have experienced since the creation of our soul.


I would love to introduce you to the Akashic Healing that occurs when you work with Source, the akashic vibrational essence of God and your Soul.  Explore the Akashic Records is designed to lead you to your Temple of Light, and introduce you to your Book of Life, your Akashic Record.


Learn more here.


Explore the Akashic Records with Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael as your hosts. Meet many other enlightened beings during your journey.


This class will help you work with the Akashic Records


Be guided by the Master Teachers as you use tools to access the information. Learn proper protocols to follow when addressing the records. Your own records are open to you when you are ready. Learning how to access them is an important step towards healing your soul connections.

This class includes 2 videos, and 2 channeled meditations that will lead you to the Akashic Records and help you access important information with the vibrational keys to help you heal. You will also have access to an eBook designed to help you understand the information on a conscious level and start to get familiar with the language of the Akasha.


The healings you will experience are designed to dissolve the layers of illusions you have placed within your mind. Layers within your mind that block you from consciously remembering your life as a pure spirit.


Many of these layers were created to help you live life without the pain of separation from the source of your being; your soul. But now it is time to remove those illusions and heal on your soul level creating mental clarity, physical strength, and a unique connection to the vibration of your soul.

I invite you to receive help as you shift into a higher vibration and embody more of your soul wisdom today!


Purchase Explore the Akashic Records here! 


Enjoy your day!

Blessings of love and light!

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