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Goddess Activation 2016

Goddess activation with Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael will help you heal your vibrational channel of light. Something amazing is happening all around us. The vibrational energies of the Master Teachers of the Akasha are helping to lift us up into a new level of light and love. Lift us up to embrace and embody more and more light. This morning I was awoken by a being who called herself Cinders. She shared she is the embodiment of the flame of creation, the flame of transmutation. The ... Continue reading »

Mother Mary shares a vibrational healing for your Soul

Vibrational Healing channeled by Mother Mary I was once again blessed to channel the loving vibration of Mother Mary. She graced us with a sacred vibrational healing for your Soul. She shared that it is time to understand yourself as a vibration. This healing meditation will help you dissolve boundaries that would keep you from feeling safe and protected within the vibration of the Source of All That Is, or God. Mother Mary created a vibration of love, acceptance and warmth that will open up ... Continue reading »

Mother Mary – the New Earth children

On an episode of Angel Talk Tuesday, the conversation was focused on the New Earth children and their pivotal role in the continued expansion and evolution of our planet. They are here to teach us many lessons of shifting our primary frequency out of doing and into being present here, now. They are here to heal the planet and healing the planet begins with each of us discovering our own true nature.   Channeled message from Mother Mary   When it became my turn to channel some ... Continue reading »

Mother Mary speaks about a Mother’s Love

This video is the first one I have created that shows me channeling a message from the Master Teachers of the Akasha. I made the recording  and used the audio on my blogtalkradio show, Maggie's Spiritual Connections. During those podcasts I have been recording channeled messages I receive from the master teachers while in a trance channel state. This message was recorded on Mother's Day, May 10th, 2015. I opened up this session by asking Mother Mary to come through and help us understand what ... Continue reading »

Surrender to the Light

On February 24th for our radio show Angel Talk Tuesday, our question to the angels was how can we surrender to the light of the Universe and allow the flow of wellbeing to be activated within our life? When I opened up to channel, Mother Mary came through and channeled a meditation to help you feel your connection to the Light of your Source and sense your Council of Light surrounding you in a vibration of wellbeing. As I listened to our show, I was reminded of a trip Gary and I took to ... Continue reading »