My Grandmother’s legacy

I remember fondly my younger days spent with Grandma. Saturdays, she taught me about music, specifically opera. I have always loved to listen to music and sing along even as a very small child. She decided to teach me the most magnificent music she knew. She encouraged me to sing sacred hymns and operettas.

For an opera, she showed me the libretto and we went through the story. I would listen to her tell me a synopsis of the story of the opera that was being put on by the Met Opera House that week. Then she would turn on the radio and we would listen to the music as she shared along within the libretto so I could learn to read the notes.

Yes, grandma and I had some very wonderful days together. I know my memories of her are not the same as either of my sister’s, or brother’s. But those days with Grandma are etched very clearly in my mind.

Music as a healing therapy

Singing is still one of my favorite things. I use music as therapy. I feel the words do matter. I sing what I feel. If it’s sad music, it helps me cry. If it’s upbeat, I feel happy, I have used songs of heartbreak to get through a broken relationships and most recently sacred songs to help lift up my spirits.

My grandmother always encouraged me to sing. She enjoyed the tones I created. She coached me to use my emotions with my voice so I could connect more with the audience.

Yes, I fondly remember my grandmother. And with her encouragement I was able to help myself heal and release quite a bit of tension, sadness, stress.

Today, I embrace the love, happiness, and joy in music. I sing while I am happy, scared, anxious, or mad. When I am focusing on housework or want to get away from my work, I sing along to what shows up on my playlist.

I usually feel a sense of, “I’m good for now. Now I can move on again.” And I do then, move on to something else.

Mindful Methods to support & encourage you

This method of using music as therapy is one of the mindful methods that are a part of my Light Worker for Source Certification course. I have created the course from the teachings of the Master Teachers. We have over 30 mindful methods to encourage you to heal your energy, expand your creativity, and communicate with spirit.

All our course work – books, podcasts, audios – are designed to help light beings of all dimensions awaken to their spiritual and soul level of consciousness and ignite their light worker skills.

Songs lift up my spirits

I love music with harmony and lyrics that are up lifting. I sing along and allow the harmony to wash over me as I envision my vibrational alignment tuned up and I heal with music. Try it sometime when you are feeling out of sorts and I bet you feel refreshed by the vibrations too!

Sending you blessings of light, love, and harmonious melodies,

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